31 January 2006

Things that need repeating.

Don't even think about it not for one moment.

Don't entertain a mere mote of a notion about the possibility of Hassling the Hoff.

(my work is done for this post)

This one's for the Dawgzzzzz!!

In honor of Randy Jackson (it is Idol night, after all) I link to this Gizmodo post.

And a big fat WTF!!!!!!

And I'd quote Nirvana's Territorial Pissings, but that song makes no sense whatsoever.

(Also I'm shocked, shocked I tell you that it was a British and not French designer who came up with this bright idea)

The more things change. . . .

Turns out the powerful themes Paul Haggis explores in his film aren't new. Writer and director of Crash, Haggis was just making the sequel to his famed, "Tootie Drives" episode of Facts of Life.

And did he get an Emmy nod back then, no.

No justice, No peace, (repeat, and chant it with me people).

And because I'm evil. (lyrics from here with my error corrections, left the eeeelllloooooongaaaateed typing though, that's genius)

Ya Take The good
ya take the bad
ya take em both and there ya have
The Facts of life, the facts of life

There's a time ya gotta go and show and grow
And now ya know about the Facts of life
the facts of life

When the world never seeeeeeemmmmmsssss
to be liiiiiivviinnnnn' up to your Dreeeaammss
and sudenly your findin' out that the facts of life are all about YOU!!


It Takes alot to get em right when your learnin' the facts of life
(Learnin' The Facts of Life)

. . . . .And Now For Something Completely Different

While doing my usual sitemeter perusing, I clicked on one of those random blogspot links that refer to this site (in what universe does it make sense for someone clicking on 'next blog' for it to take them from the site linked below to my site?).

This one kicks balls. (but, alas, it's in Portuguese)

Three links worth noting, Best missed goal ever, That's using your head, and the post about the elephant (I don't know enough (or any, really) Portuguese to understand the reference in the post title, and the other titles aren't direct translations, either)

30 January 2006

Brothers from Different Mothers

42 and 43

According to 41, anyway.

You Ain't Wrong Weekend (for the week ending 29 January 2006)

A day late (and possibly a dollar short) here are this week's Aint Wrongs.

Cindy Sheehan, you ain't wrong for wanting to challenge Sen. Feinstein for her seat in the Senate in '06. Run Cindy Run. (bet you'd thought I'd NEVER give an ain't wrong to Cindy Sheehan).

The voters of Canada, a big ain't wrong to all those in Canada who voted for the Conservative party and ended the Liberal's decade+ stranglehold on government up north. Good luck, eh. (and a quick Ain't Wrong within an Ain't Wrong to Paul Martin for being gracious in defeat and stepping aside)

An Ain't Wrong goes out to Wonkette, for not letting a little matter of penises and testicles getting in the way of replacing Anne Marie Cox (heh, heh, he said Cox).

Nintendo, you get some Ain't Wrong loving for translating and releasing some of your 'brain trainers' for the DS. (No comment on the 'need' for brain training in the United States).

And of course, Kobe (that's right, I linked to myself, wanna make something of it?) you Ain't Wrong for torching Toronto for 81!! (dayyum). Now hopefully the Grammy induced 7 games in 7 cities in 11 day road trip won't be a disaster (0-1 so far).

That's enough Ain't Wrongness this week. Too much happened that is the opposite. (Hamas, Woodruff, both Senators from Massachusetts)

28 January 2006

Why stop at 5+1, I'm waiting for the model with 42.

That's right, The Fusion is hitting the streets (hat tip to gizmodo). 5 blades, plus a 'precision trimmer'. For an extra 2 bucks you can motorize the beast.

A momentous day indeed.

But I won't be impressed until they hit the Douglas Adamsian number of blades.

I want to see a 42 blade (say 40 regular blades+2 precision trimmers) monster that shaves each half of your face in a single stroke.

The only question will be who will come out with it Gillette or Schick?

(and if you are wondering what happened to Thursday's Ain't Wrongness, I'm moving it to a weekend type thing, expect a post sometime after Friday and before midnight Monday each week, that fits my schedule better)

27 January 2006

Friday Funk Lyrics, 27 January 2006

Chinese New Year's celebrations this week, Year of the Dog, what better way to honor the occaison other than George Clinton's Atomic Dog. (woof)

Yeah, this is a story of a famous dog
For the dog that chases its tail will be dizzy
These are clapping dogs, rhythmic dogs
Harmonic dogs, house dogs, street dogs
Dog of the world unite
Dancin' dogs
Countin' dogs, funky dogs
Nasty dogs (Dog)

Atomic dog
Atomic dog

Like the boys
When they're out there walkin' the streets
May compete
Nothin' but the dog in ya


Like the boys
When they're out there walkin' the streets
May compete
Nothin' but the dog in ya

Why must I feel like that
Oh, why must I chase the cat

Like the boys
When they're out there walkin' the streets
May compete
Nothin' but the dog in ya


Why must I feel like that
Why must I chase the cat
Nothin' but the dog in me

Why must I feel like that
Why must I chase the cat
Nothin' but the dog in me

Why must I feel like that
Why must I chase the cat
Nothin' but the dog in me

Why must I feel like that
Why must I chase the cat
Nothin' but the dog in me

Do the dogcatcher, dogcatcher
Do the dogcatcher
Do the dogcatcher, dogcatcher
Do the dogcatcher

Do the dogcatcher, baby, do the dogcatcher

Why must I feel like that
Why must I chase the cat
Nothin' but the dog in me

Why must I feel like that
Why must I chase the cat
Nothin' but the dog in me


Just walkin' the dog
Oh, atomic dog

Futuristic bow-wow


Leader of the pack
Wild dog

Why must I feel like that
Why must I chase the cat
Just the dog in me
Nothin' but the dog in me

White House Correspondent's Association Dinner

Following in the footsteps of Cedric the Entertainer, Jay Leno, and many others, Stephen Colbert will be headlining (hat tip to HuffPo) the White House Correspondent's Association annual dinner.

What's not clear yet is whether or not he'll do it 'in character'.

He could be more pointed politically as the 'faux O'Reilly' from his show than if he's just that guy who used to be on The Daily Show.

Last year Cedric was upstaged by the First Lady and her tales of 'milking' bulls.

Might be worth a look. I'm sure his performance will be chock full of 'truthiness' at any rate.

25 January 2006

The definition of irony? (basketball edition)

Vinsanity talking about the importance of the 'team concept'
Vince Carter preached to reporters.

"The only bad thing about it is young kids, whose minds are easily warped, are going to think, 'Ohhh, I am going to go out there and do it' instead of the team concept first," he said.
He said this in reference to Kobe's 81, what he meant to say, 'Damn, I wish I did that first, I'm dropping at least 70 next time we play Toronto'.

Bill Plaschke has an article in the LATimes about the hateration against Kobe.

(funny though, considering in the past I recall Plaschke's done some haterating on Kobe himself)

A few more quotes from the article
As for that admitted dog Vince Carter, well, hearing him talk about role modeling is like listening to Ben Roethlisberger talk about grooming.

Then there was the quote from the Miami Heat's Antoine Walker, who told reporters, "If somebody gets 81 on me, I'm going to clothesline him."
That, of course, will never happen, because in order to clothesline somebody, Walker must first guard somebody.

And an aside, Wilt's famous game from Hershey, PA. wasn't filmed. Why hasn't somebody used EA's NBA Live 2006 to recreate the game? There's a book about the game, and shot charts should be available, using the box score you should be able to create a recreation of the game. I'd like to see that, EA should get it done and use it as a demo for the XBOX 360 version or as a pre-release promo for the PS3 version. (rights issues would be the biggest stumbling block, and the expense of building models of players you'd only use for a one-off project)

They could give themselves some pub, and provide a missing link to basketball history. Do it as a cross promo with ESPN Classic and you could even televise it like a real game, with Al Michaels and Bill Walton announcing.

Get it done folks, I'd watch.

Sports Car Quiz

All the cool kids are doing it.

(does the fact they are all law professors (alert: slightly misapplied legalism ahead) dispositive of the possibility they were 'cool' kids back in the day?)

I'm an Audi TT!

You're not the fastest, nor the most nimble, but you're cute and you have style. You're not intensely competitive, but when you pass by, everyone turns to look.

Take the Which Sports Car Are You? quiz.

Just call me Silvio (I guess).

24 January 2006

Nick Denton, Call Me.

Here's my desperate plea for attention from the mighty GawkerMedia empire.

This from Gawker about CNN's recent poll.

and in contrast here is what CNN says about themselves
CNN.com is among the world's leaders in online news and information delivery. Staffed 24 hours, seven days a week by a dedicated staff in CNN's world headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, and in bureaus worldwide, CNN.com relies heavily on CNN's global team of almost 4,000 news professionals. CNN.com features the latest multimedia technologies, from live video streaming to audio packages to searchable archives of news features and background information. The site is updated continuously throughout the day.
Funny, nothing in that 'about us' statement includes a mention of half-assed polls with really stupid response choices. (Also, can you hear James Earls Jones intoning the Woof Woof, or Grrrr from the poll, . . . .I didn't think so).

From Defamer, some terrific links.

The Drew Barrymore on SNL demonstrates how unfunny SNL is even when they are funny. (sad, sad, sad)

The flying pooch link on the other hand, COMEDY GOLD (and possible animal cruelty, I think there is some flying urine in that clip as well, resolution too low to be certain).

Finally, this from Kotaku (which if they need an L.A. based occaisonal correspondent, call me)

Couple the Brain Trainer games with Nintendogs and you have some serious killer aps for the DS, (at least if Nintendo intends to market them to people over 50, why not Boomers are different from previous old folks (so they constantly remind us) so why not try and get them hooked on a handheld game device).

UPDATE: Speaking of old people lusting after the DS, Kotaku posts this. (I made my comment first, maybe someone from GawkerMedia had a looksie (or the idea was really obvious))

He's so Wrong, He's Right.

Joel Stein pulls the veil of hypocrisy from the Left's opposition to the Iraq War and reveals what it's really about.

The Left hates the military. Period.

All wars are unjust wars. Lest we forget, before the President rushed us into Afghanistan (which we are still quagmired) many on the left opposed attacking the Taliban simply because a few Al Qaeda managed to do some harm to symbols of U.S. capitalism and imperialism. Also don't forget that Afghanistan was the graveyard of imperial armies, from Britain at the seeming height of its power, to the Soviet Empire when it too seemed like it was a serious challenge to our own imperial ambition.

(typing that above paragraph hurt my brain)

Hating the use of the military for legitimate geopolitical goals, and claiming to still support 'our troops' is rank hypocrisy and the height of 'wussy'ness as Joel Stein puts it.

Go ahead, hate our current government, AND hate our troops, it's the only honest thing the left can do.

UPDATE: Others (Insty, LGF, Malkin), with real traffic have noticed this OpEd, we'll see what sort of reaction this causes for or against the L.A. Times, and what sort of backpedaling they, or Joel Stein, will do when the inevitable backlash builds.

I perused the usual suspects on the left (HuffPo, Kos, Eschaton, Oliver Willis, etc.). This OpEd didn't happen, or at least they haven't decided how to spin it.

But Chris Matthews is getting all sorts of love. (Kos, Eschaton)

UPDATE, TOO: Suddenly a surge in traffic, I have Pooh to thank for that (or rather, Pooh's comment in the thread for this post in Balloon Juice). Does Joel Stein speak for all of the left, no. Do the ideas he tries to present in a (failed) attempt at humor represent the thinking espoused by the left, from my perspective, yes. From everything I've heard the likes of DNC Chair Howard Dean, Michael Moore, Pres. James Earl Carter, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, and just about every 'Mid East' Studies professor on any campus the conclusion that is obvious is that they hate the military, they hate the very concept of the use of force, and if they were in control since Sept 11, 2001 not only would we have not invaded Iraq, we wouldn't have invaded Afghanistan either. Only half-assed diplomatic measures would have been attempted at controlling Al Qaeda.

What would be different now, Iraq would still be under Saddam's control, and the sanctions would have been lifted giving him full rein to reconstitute WMD programs if only to keep up with his neighbor and enemy to the east. Libya wouldn't have unilaterally capitulated and given up their WMD programs. Lebanon would not have enjoyed their recent taste of freedom.

Joel Stein doesn't speak for the left, but by choosing to put his OpEd on this subject in their paper the LA Times does reflect a viewpoint that the ideas he expresses are within the mainstream of political thought. The lack of attention paid to this article (so far anyway) from the left suggests that they are in agreement or they are embarrassed.

So far I haven't seen anyone on the left say they disagree with what Joel Stein said, just that nobody should take him seriously. That says it all.

(and Pooh and I seem to agree to disagree)

Will Prof. Althouse be Travelling to England?

Why ask this question?

Well follow the link to this video and you'll know why.

(Could she resist the call of culling those bushy tailed vermin? And would she help devise new inventive ways to assist?)

And the naturalist interviewed in the piece expressed his desire to use 'alternate' means such as contraception to reducing the grey population.

Would you want to have to put a condom on an excited squirrel every time they were copulating?

I think not.

That's one way to celebrate the New Year

You can take your Dragon Parades and firecrackers, these intrepid reporters in Japan decided to do some 'in depth' investigative journalism in celebration of the upcoming Year of the Dog.

(Which again, leads to only one possible choice for this week's funk lyrics, bow wow yipee yo, yipee ya, bow wow yipee yo, yipee ya)

23 January 2006

Great Moments in Other Sites Comment Threads

Possible new weekly feature? maybe, just maybe.

From comments about this post from Prof. Bainbridge

* * *

Andy: To quote J. Lo, "cuz I'm good."
Posted by: Steve Bainbridge at Jan 23, 2006 3:06:34 PM

* * *

Somehow I find Corporate Law expert Prof. Stephen Bainbridge quoting Jennifer Lopez (and calling her J.Lo) just about the most fascinating thing since, Mahjong Fortune. You can see the context for yourself, but really some things transcend context.

(now if he pulls off that same stunt in peer reviewed legal writing, I'd be really impressed)

Bright and Shiny

So, Channel 18 (KSCI) locally has added Mahjong Fortune to the line-up (at 5pm).

According to the blurb on the channel's website
Mahjong Fortune, one of the highest rated game shows in Taiwan, is a Chinese-version of “Wheel of Fortune.” Fast, witty, and funny, Mahjong Fortune is full of surprises. This phenomenal game show from Star TV airs exclusively on LA 18 in the U.S.

If I actually knew what was going on or understood a lick of Mandarin, I probably would be bored by the show, but because I'm completely clueless it's just about the most compelling thing on television.

And bright and shiny is my short hand for describing any distraction that draws away attention from something that should be more engaging or useful but for whatever reason isn't as compelling as a bright and shiny object.

This show is exceedingly bright and shiny.


Excellent, Eh

Perusing CSPAN's schedule I noticed they will be broadcasting Canadian election results tonight (starting at 6:30pm PST/9:30 EST).

I am such a total geek that I thought, cool, I know what I'll be watching tonight.

Sad, sad, sad.

Links, Links, Links.

From an interested, yet not the best educated on the subject, outside observer, Canada would seem to be dealing with a similar Red/Blue Province divide as experienced here. The leader of the Conservatives has Western Canadian roots which the Liberals have desperately tried to exploit in hopes to stir sentiment in Ontario and Quebec, we'll see if that was effective.

Also should the polls be correct it will be interesting to see if Harper commits troops to Iraq. President Bush might schedule a state visit soon (or he may not if he feels that a perception of too close ties to the United States could be politically damaging for a new Conservative plurality or majority), and if not the President, Sec. Rice will certainly be seen figure skating in the Saddledome during a state visit.

Here's to one less socialist paradise in the world (at least temporarily, a large chunk of Canadians would seem to be congenitally addicted to huge government nanny-statism, once the memories of the scandals fade, unless the Conservatives bring great prosperity, expect a lurch back leftward).

The really hard choice, to toast the Conservative's victory with Molson or Labatt?

Why bother?

I was going to use my new found blogging fame (indulge my delusions, and hey I get dozens of hits a day) to wrangle an invite to this year's E3 at the L.A. Convention Center, but after this news from Kotaku, Why Bother?

(OK, plenty of reasons to bother, and frankly I'd feel embarrassed for the lassies who are made to wear those get-ups surrounded by the drooling parade of doughy geeks, but that's besides the point)

(now, who do I need to plead with to get that press pass?)

(Kotaku doesn't have anyone based out here (I don't think), maybe their my ticket)

22 January 2006

So many punchlines

So little time.

Via Drudge.

What proof will they require?

(feel free to submit your own joke/punchline for this article)



FG-A 28-47
FT-A 18-20
3P-A 7-14
Off. Reb 2
Tot. Reb 6
Ass 2
St 3
TO 3
Blk 1
Points 81!!!!!!!

(the Lakers even won this game, and in the post game interview Kobe was angry at himself for missing free throws (he had a +45 free throws made streak before tonight))

Effin', Dirty, Hippies

It must be set the calendar back to 1968 weekend in the big newspapers.

First the LATimes highlights a french 'intellectual', and then WaPo has a lengthy (epic even) article on a bunch of dirty ass effin' commune living hippies.



Get a load of this

The commune incorporated as a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 in 1991, Fawn says. The Zendik Farm Arts Foundation's most recent IRS filings -- which list Fawn as president and Arol as director -- show that the commune raised $403,236 in revenues but operated at a loss.

Its mortgage runs about $4,000 a month. Fawn estimates that expenses, such as groceries, run $1,500 a week. To save, they shop at a Wal-Mart 41 miles away in Lewisburg.

First, they didn't get the memo that Wal-Mart is evil, second, the mentioned expenditures amount to around $120k a year. What kind of weed are they smoking to account for the operating loss? And the commune's 'green' vehicle of choice, a Lincoln Town Car, naturally.

Too bad there weren't any sit-ins at Universities to cover, then they could have hit the 60s nostalgia trifecta.

(NYTimes has talk of a 'revolution', close but not quite)


Below (with my annotations) excerpts from a feature article from the LA Times about Bernard Henri Levy who's book American Vertigo: Traveling in the Footsteps of Tocqueville arrives in stores this week.
While rolling west near Battle Creek, Mich., on Interstate 94, the French celebrity intellectual stopped to relieve himself at the roadside. A state highway patrolman zoomed up with lights flashing and a culture clash ensued: Parisians accept public urination even in nice neighborhoods, while Americans see it as an activity confined to drunks, vagrants and madmen.
Frenchmen and their need to pee on everything. They should all be fixed, then perhaps they wouldn't need to mark territory with such fervor. (earning the name European (You are a peein', indeed), one wall at a time)
"One of the things that makes Lévy so interesting is that he's a philosopher who seeks to address a broad audience," Will Murphy, the book's editor at Random House, said by telephone from New York. "We don't have an equivalent figure in the U.S…. He deserves to be better known here. An author like that is good for the intellectual conversation here."
Translation: those rubes in the fly-over states don't know what's good for them, if they'd just listen to more Europeans they'd stop voting for those evil Republicans.
LÉVY has no patience for anti-Americanism. His book blasts President Bush but paints often-sympathetic portraits of neoconservative Washington intellectuals, Air Force cadets, Border Patrol agents and other figures whom foreigners tend to demonize. Although Lévy's friends and political soul mates are mainly on the left, he scolds much of the "progressive" intellectual elite for being "in a profound coma."

"I tried to deconstruct clichés fed by France about America but also by America about itself," he said. "Sometimes, talking to the intellectuals of the East Coast, I was stunned by their blindness toward their own country…. This idea that America is on the verge of fascism, for example. I think there are fascists in America, there are bad guys. There is a right-wing America, but America is not on the verge of fascism."
If I wasn't sputtering with rage, I'd be able to think of something to say, but I am flabbergasted at the complete asshattery of these comments. This is so far from aintwrongness that I may have to call the antonym for aintwrongness, henrilevyness. Glad to know we aren't on the 'verge of fascism', to even entertain the thought is about as intelligent as expecting a frenchman to be familiar with a bar of soap. Other than the recognition of the stupidity, ossification, and utter lack of ideas of East Coast intellectuals, he's an idiot.
His interview list reads like a highbrow, high-powered and predominantly male Rolodex: billionaire philanthropist George Soros, former Pentagon advisor Richard Perle, Norman Mailer, Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), Woody Allen, Warren Beatty.

The author also landed a campaign-plane interview with Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) just before the presidential election. But the nominee's staff feared anti-French backlash so much that an exasperated Lévy got access only after insisting that his story would not appear until after the vote.
Evidently Ward Churchill, Sen. Dick Durbin, George Clooney, Michael Moore, Howard Dean, or Cornell West were unavailable. (At least he tried to talk to a representative sample of American political thought, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (bet you are wondering about now how long I'll keep up the dot dot gag) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Parker and Stone when talking about the vomit scene in Team America mention their theory that a joke held for a short time funny, held for an excruciatingly long time, comedy gold) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . or not) (phew!)

The capper to this article, (in the LA Times) is a slam at Los Angeles, one the interviewer probably agrees with. (our local paper is full of East Coast snobs who hate being in L.A., it suffuses everything they write about our community)
And he dutifully did Los Angeles. He had an eminent guide, historian Kevin Starr, for Olvera Street. He visited a weight-loss clinic, though he believes the obesity epidemic is no worse in the United States than in France. He strolled what he calls the "grotesque" CityWalk in Universal Studios. He talked politics with Sharon Stone at her Beverly Hills mansion.

As much as the disciple of Tocqueville admires America, however, the affection falters in Los Angeles. He does not get Los Angeles. He calls the city "illegible and unintelligible."

"The definition of a monster according to Aristotle is too much substance and not enough form," Lévy said. "That's exactly the case of Los Angeles. It may be a European point of view. I say it with all the prudence of someone perhaps with a traditional idea of a city…. I don't say I hated it, but I was lost. 'Lost in Translation.' Perhaps it's the city of the future. But without me."
There is no 'perhaps' about it. Los Angeles IS the future, Paris is a dead, rotting, stinking, heap of the past. Los Angeles in its glorious sprawl, hundreds of languages, crazed patchwork of neighborhoods, and hustlers vitality rules the Pacific Rim and the future. All the problems of today and tomorrow will be expressed, and solved, right here in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is where dreamers and doers go. Paris is where intellectuals go when they want to engage in a protracted circle jerk. I'll take Orpheus over Onan any day.

21 January 2006

The Manolo, He is the Dangerous

Whatever you do, do NOT click on this link with any food or water in your mouth.

(it will be expelled in the general direction of your screen, and who wants that mess to clean up)

Scully Who?

So Gillian Anderson isn't Scully, and don't you forget it. She is so not Scully that she's decided to become British for awhile. This from the L.A. Times interview.

Do you feel more at home in England?

I do. I don't know if it is because my early years were spent there. I was 2 to 11, and it was my first language, so to speak.
I've excerpted that in a way to make her sound somewhat foolish. Read the article if you want the context.

And that candid shot of her is rather disturbing. How dare actresses roughly my age suddenly look much older than they did only a few years ago.

(if I were her publicist I'd sue, unless they intended for the above shot to be in the LATimes so people will consider her a more 'serious' actress with 'character'. In the old Studio days, that picture wouldn't have seen the light of day, let alone a major newspaper (which the LA Times still qualifies, almost))

Newtonian Blogkanics

Just as some have hailed the web for providing greater access to distributed intelligence.

Scott Adams seems to have found an equal and opposite phenomena.

Distributed Stupidity

4 second summaries

MONEY=BAD (Probably)


(one isn't enough)

PROFIT=EVIL (Definitely)

and last one, cause the NYT makes this too easy


fine print notice:

20 January 2006

Friday Funk Lyrics, 20 January 2006

As previously mentioned, Mayor Ray Nagins inspired this week's choice of Funk Lyrics.

Needless to say, Parliament, and also needless to mention, the song from the album of the same name, Chocolate City (oddly enough, N.O., not mentioned, and what was wrong with all those Cable Newsers who failed to use this song as bumper music when teasing this story which has died a quick death, Mayor Nagins got a pass, would it be the same in reverse?)

Uh, what's happening CC?
They still call it the White House
But that's a temporary condition, too.
Can you dig it, CC?

To each his reach
And if I don't cop, it ain't mine to have
But I'll be reachin' for ya
'Cause I love ya, CC.
Right on.

There's a lot of chocolate cities, around
We've got Newark, we've got Gary
Somebody told me we got L.A.
And we're working on Atlanta
But you're the capital, CC

Gainin' on ya!
Get down
Gainin' on ya!
Movin' in and on ya
Gainin' on ya!
Can't you feel my breath, heh
Gainin' on ya!
All up around your neck, heh heh

Hey, CC!
They say your jivin' game, it can't be changed
But on the positive side,
You're my piece of the rock
And I love you, CC.
Can you dig it?

Hey, uh, we didn't get our forty acres and a mule
But we did get you, CC, heh, yeah
Gainin' on ya
Movin' in and around ya
God bless CC and its vanilla suburbs

Gainin' on ya!
Gainin' on ya!
Gainin' on ya! (heh!)
Gainin' on ya!
Gainin' on ya!
What's happening, blood?
Gainin' on ya!
Gainin' on ya!
Gainin' on ya!

What's happening, black?
Brother black, blood even
Yeah-ahh, just funnin'

Gettin' down

Ah, blood to blood
Ah, players to ladies
The last percentage count was eighty
You don't need the bullet when you got the ballot
Are you up for the downstroke, CC?
Chocolate city
Are you with me out there?

And when they come to march on ya
Tell 'em to make sure they got their James Brown pass
And don't be surprised if Ali is in the White House
Reverend Ike, Secretary of the Treasure
Richard Pryor, Minister of Education
Stevie Wonder, Secretary of FINE arts
And Miss Aretha Franklin, the First Lady
Are you out there, CC?
A chocolate city is no dream
It's my piece of the rock and I dig you, CC
God bless Chocolate City and its (gainin' on ya!) vanilla suburbs
Can y'all get to that?
Gainin' on ya!
Gainin' on ya!
Easin' in
Gainin' on ya!
In yo' stuff
Gainin' on ya!
Huh, can't get enough
Gainin' on ya!
Gainin' on ya!
Be mo' funk, be mo' funk
Gainin' on ya!
Can we funk you too
Gainin' on ya!
Right on, chocolate city!

Yeah, get deep
Real deep
Be mo' funk
Mmmph, heh
Get deep
Unh, heh
Just got New York, I'm told

Hugh Hewitt wants to be your stud

It isn't an overthrow of the old media of course, but another example of the supplanting of the dinosaurs that can occur whenever the bloggers and other new media get interested in a story. MSM are sort of plow horses now, dutifully going about their boring jobs, and getting just about as much respect as an old mare in a field of thoroughbreds.
The ending of his post regarding the leadership battle amongst the GOP, which so far, has been responsive to, and seeking advice from, the conservative/libertarian blogosphere. The breeding metaphor might be apt. The 'thoroughbreds' amongst bloggers aren't going to look to 'old media' mares to breed anymore (and by hooking up with old media, accusations of gelding might be apt), but instead they'll search for the type of free running, fast fillies that will produce offspring that can surpass both parents. The question is who are these fillies/mares? And what social changes will the subsequent foals cause?

Now compare and contrast his pithy musings to the banality and dismissiveness (even derisiveness) exhibited by the Washington Post article revolving around the same subject
Rep. Zach Wamp (R-Tenn.), who is running for majority whip as a proponent of change, lamented that more people are talking about conservative commentator Neil Boortz's best-selling book on changing the tax code than about changing Washington. "The question is, is this a climate where an actual reform candidate could be elected to a leadership position?" Wamp asked. An initial pulse-taking of voters suggests that the answer is no, he and others said.
So, according to the Washington Post, there's nothing to see here, move along people, it's business as usual. Are they reporting on reality? Or, are they hoping to define reality?

Reform is picking up steam, and a movement afoot to recognize the national importance of each representative seems to be taking hold of the Republican party. If these recent scandals can help end earmarks, pork barrel politics, and undue parochialism (some parochialism is desirable, after all each rep. is supposed to represent his/her district first) then something good will have came from it. Also it would seem that the Republican leadership is having any 'circle the wagons' type campaign hampered by the blogosphere so they may see the writing on the wall and strongly discourage any 'tainted' candidates from seeking re-election by threatening full backing of primary challenges, thus allowing Republicans to be 'reform' candidates for the general election come November.

And speaking of breeding sheds, I'm available . . . . .

19 January 2006

I'd find that depressing, too.

via Drudge

Asked about rumors that Matt Damon and Ben Affleck may be remaking "Butch Cassidy," Redford said he finds that "depressing."
A couple of thoughts come to mind. Who wouldn't be depressed if they found out Affleck were going to be remaking a film that you previously had done (though presumably Affleck would be the Newman character).

Also, will Hollywood resist the urge to make the implicit homoeroticism from the first picture into a more explicit part of the narrative?

Inside the studio meeting:

Exec A: "We've got notes saying that this Brokeback thing is through the roof, any Westerns in the pipeline that we can 'GAY' up a little?"

Underling B: "We'll Affleck/Damon are talking about remaking Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, I remember thinking the original was pretty gay already"

Exec A: "Perfect, OK, let's make them lovers then"

Underling B: "Yeah, it'll make their jump from the cliff that much more poignant."

Exec A: "I'm thinking we're gonna have to change that, too downbeat, too Thelma & Louise"

Underling B: "Whatever you say boss" (he utters aloud while he feels that last vestige of soul that was clinging inside his heart waft away from his body to the place where the souls of the Hollywood underlings go after being exposed to the tremendous expulsive field emanating from the Execs)

Championship Week

I'll give you the shorthand guide to my picks up front. Expect a lot of references to this movie in the time between Superbowl XL and the end of Sunday's games. And because I live to embarrass the LATimes, I'm including their NFL Preview prognostications from the beginning of the season for each team in the championship.

Odds courtesy FOXSports.com using their Expert Odds line from Thursday Afternoon

Pittsburgh 41 +140
Denver -3.5 -160

Denver will win. Jake Plummer is for real and Pittsburgh's defense will not be able to bottle up Jake the way they did Peyton Manning and the back-up for Cincy (if I bothered to name him how many would even remember who he is?). Those blitzes will bite them in the ass, and Denver has the running game plus Jake has the mobility to force Pittsburgh to abandon the blitz or get picked apart. I'm guessing they'll get picked apart. As far as Pittsburgh's offense versus Denver's defense, those refugees from Cleveland have proven to be able to put enough pressure on QBs with just the front four to cause all sorts of trouble and they have an excellent secondary which will probably knock down many and catch one or two of Roethlisberger's passes. As far as picks, Denver give -3.5, and over, teams get desperate so late game scores will pad the total even if both defenses play well for three quarters.

RESULTS: Other than the over part (which I got right) Invert everything I said. Jake the Snake will be back to his old self. Pittsburgh defense will control their side of the ball and Denver's defense will get picked apart. Good luck in the Superbowl Steelers. Who'd a thunk a 6 seed would beat the 3, 1 and 2 seeds all on the road. Not me, that's for damn sure.

from the LA Times 2005 NFL Preview
PROGNOSIS: Denver has made a host of changes to its roster, which doesn't mean the club has upgraded its talent level. In fact, the Broncos look a tad weaker in the backfield, on the defensive line, and in the secondary, which doesn't bode well in a division that looks vastly improved across the board. Why the organization brass thinks it can squeeze production out of disappointments like Courtney Brown, Gerard Warren, Ron Dayne, and Maurice Clarett is apparent only to them. The Broncos have enough talent to ensure that they won't be a train wreck, but expecting this club to reach the playoffs after its rolleroaster of offseason personnel activity seems a stretch. In fact, Denver's first losing record since 1999 could well be imminent.

PROGNOSIS: Some are predicting doom for the Steelers this season, with factors such as a possible sophomore jinx for Roethlisberger, an uncertain situation at running back, an overall lack of depth, and the apparent improvement of division teams Baltimore and Cincinnati playing a part in that projection. And while Pittsburgh probably can't hope to win 15 games for the second season in a row, there is no logical reason to suspect the franchise won't again pile up victories in the double digits. Cowher and company are still rock-solid on both lines, have sufficient playmakers at receiver, linebacker, and in the secondary, and will feature a quality special teams unit. Roethlisberger didn't go 13-0 on a whim, and he'll get better, not take a step back. Provided Bettis and Staley can give the running game a spark, and there aren't a rash of major injuries on the defensive side of the ball, the Steelers will remain the best team in the AFC North.

Carolina 44 +150
Seattle -3.5 -170

The other Jake, Jake Delhomme is the only remaining QB to have already started in the Superbowl. That experience will matter. Matt Hasselbeck has played well, but given Steve Smith's performance from last week, and even with DeShaun Foster's abscense, it's hard to imagine Carolina getting beat. Seattle isn't tested in big games yet, Carolina is, I think that's the difference in this game. Plus Carolina's defense (despite giving up too many points to Chicago last week) are capable of controlling their opposition, and the hostile crowd, just as they did in Chicago. So moneyline on Carolina +150, and under for this game, I think Seattle is going to get smashed hard early and not recover.

RESULTS: In bizarro world I nailed this game. When I said everyone would be mentioning the film The Two Jakes, I must have meant that the two Jakes would suck as hard as that film did. Just take everything I said about Carolina and apply it to Seattle and I was absolutely correct. And a lot of garbage time scoring raised the total above the over, so I was way wrong on both counts. The gamblers credo, the next game I'll be right, the next game I'll be right, the next game I'll be right . . . . .

from the LA Times 2005 NFL Preview
PROGNOSIS: The Seahawks were perceived as underachievers last year, and while that is probably a fair analysis, the team's development was hampered by a rash of injuries on the defensive side of the ball. With more talent and depth among the defensive front seven, Seattle should be a great deal more productive on defense in 2005. Offensively, the song remains the same. If the receivers can catch the football and show up in big-game situations, and if Hasselbeck can avoid some of the mental mistakes that have long frustrated Hawks supporters, Seattle will take the weak NFC West by a few furlongs and have a chance to win the second postseason game in franchise history. If the inconsistency continues, Holmgren's team will again do a season-long tap dance with the .500 line (which could again be enough to win the division), and be labeled as underachievers once more.

PROGNOSIS: The Panthers have quality talent and impressive depth throughout the two-deep, which spells trouble for the rest of the NFC South. If healthy, Carolina should be very good, and there is reasonable suspicion that the Panthers can be dominating. Yes, the team will have to find a reliable running back, and yes, the left side of the offensive line and safety positions are something of a concern, but Fox and his staff have shown a penchant for pushing the right buttons and finding a formula that will work. Expect it to come down to Carolina and Atlanta in the NFC South, and for the loser of that battle to earn a wild card berth and be especially dangerous come playoff time.

Poorly chosen words

Glad to see the launch off successfully, and look forward to the pictures nearly a decade hence.

But this phrase strikes me as just plain wrong, "it will take 9 1/2 years to reach Pluto and the frozen, sunless reaches of the solar system."

Every object in the solar system is by definition still under the influence and within sight of the sun. It may be a tiny spec compared to the impressive globe locally, but Pluto should not be described as sunless. (and lest we forget, Pluto's definitional status is still somewhat ambiguous)

You Ain't Wrong Thursday (19 January 2006)

A new feature (I'm going to be all about the features) I'll be playing with on this blog is 'You Ain't Wrong Thursday'.

Just a few links to other bloggers who 'Ain't Wrong' (and being 'ain't wrong' won't automatically mean that the commenter is 'right').

First up, Tammy Bruce has this about Bin Laden's latest, and She Ain't Wrong.

Pooh's regular feature, Asshole of the Week, features MLB, and needless to say, He Ain't Wrong.

Via TVNewswer comes this post and though the linked post gets very many things, very wrong, the quote from Mary Anne Marsh, "If Democrats aren't willing to stand and fight, then how are we ever going to win?" she asks. If Democrats aren't "willing to go on Fox and make the case, shame on Democrats." shows that, She Ain't Wrong.

And the fug girls express themselves regarding their Celebrity Emaciation Watch at the Golden Globes, and again They Ain't Wrong (and damn, women, eat a sandwich, collarbones that could cut glass, aren't sexy, or healthy)

The good Professors Bainbridge and Volokh (at UCLA law) weigh in on the latest agitation from UCLAProfs.com. They both view the tactics of these folk with skepticism, but they both have great points to make about the changes technology are bringing to the classroom. They Ain't Wrong.

And finally, Andrew Sullivan at his new Time Inc. home, has some thoughts on the post-PC age, and for a change, He Ain't Wrong.

UPDATE: I can't help but do a little self promotion. Anytime a higher-traffic blog chooses to link to one of my posts, they will get a big time, very appreciative, only slightly humble, She/He/They Ain't Wrong.

UPDATE, TOO: Once you start thinking in these terms of giving a shout out to people who 'ain't wrong' it's hard to stop. Well a big fat 'you ain't wrong' to of all people Jacques Chirac!!(via Clayton Cramer, by way of Instapundit) When threatened with crazies sometimes you got to get crazy right back at them. So as much as it pains me to say, Jacques Chirac has earned himself a big, fat, sloppy, He Ain't Wrong.

Any more examples of Aintwrongness (if Colbert can coin 'truthiness' I'll work on coining 'aintwrongness' (here's an invitation to spread it out all over the place, I'm sure that there are moments my dozens of readers and fellow bloggers can find for using the term 'aintwrongness')) will have to wait till next Thursday to get their props.

UPDATE, III: THE QUICKENING: I've been So Quoted, maybe I'm on to something here. I'll keep an eye out for more aintwrongness all week.

Save the Planet, Chop down a Tree

Trees contribute to global warming (at least in the higher latitudes)

The authors discovered that a global replacement of current vegetation by trees would lead to a global warming of 2.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Global replacement with grassland led to cooling of about 0.7°F.

The researchers also found that planting trees between 30 and 50 degrees latitude worldwide saw the global mean surface air temperature increase by 0.7°F. Regional warming in North America and Eurasia was as high as 8°F. In earlier studies, planting trees in the boreal forest regions (found mostly in the upper half of the Northern Hemisphere) caused a warming of surface temperatures.

Lest you think these scientist weren't still in favor of dismantling the economy like all good Greens should want

“But in terms of climate change, we should focus our efforts on things that can really make a difference, like energy efficiency and developing new sources of clean energy.”

Geek Envy

Women may dominate education now. . . .

But, I bet the women who would build this rig are few and far between.

In my book that evens the score.

(And if anyone wants to pick up the parts of this monster (I can assemble it myself, I love doing the homebrew computer thang) for my birthday (you've got till late June) I won't stop you)

The War on 'The War'

Not 'The War' you are probably thinking of.

Dr. Helen seems to be leading a one woman charge against the 'War on Men'.

Prof. Althouse also has been calling attention to the problem.

(I guess male bloggers are afraid of coming across as whiners)

Recent posts (this one, and this one) decry the marginalization of masculinity.

It's a serious problem in society today, yet oddly one I've never been effected by personally.

Probably cause I'm very good at both masculine and feminine modes of address and communication, so I can operate in either sphere with comfort.

(and as an aside, Instapundit seems amenable (unfortunately only as a legal possibility, not a personal one) to the possibility of legalizing plural marriages, soooooo, maybe one day I can propose to Dr. Helen too)

(needless to say just kidding)

UPDATE: After that second to last parenthetical musing, I'm amazed that Dr. Helen chose to link to this post regarding her original post, and yet she did. That's class. (or she didn't read the whole thing, or she took it as the small bit of humor as it was intended).

Anyone visiting for the first time, have a look around, I don't bite, and I even welcome comments (though you wouldn't be able to tell from most of the posts)

18 January 2006

Yet another reason to be jealous of 'The Man'

'The Man' Prof. Glenn 'Instapundit' Reynolds reads a book and likes it. What's his next thought?

'Fetch me that author, I wish to interview him/her'.

If it wasn't bad enough that he's got a sweet law professor's gig, a beautiful wife (just see my blurb for the Dr. Helen link), a smart daughter, now he's doing this podcasting thing and given the exposure he can have thoughts like above and make them come true.

Lucky Bastard.

(By lucky, I mean hard working. By bastard, I mean smart enough to indulge his curiosities and talented enough for them to lead somewhere)

It's also An Army of Davids (at least I'm assuming, book's not out yet) moment where if he chooses he can do an occaisonal Oprah style book event and create a moment where a multitude of ants can move the Amazon.

fine print notice
(This is the most baldface blatant attempt yet at immodest proposals to create a wished for instalanche. If this fails to garner an instalanche it's due to Prof. Reynolds superior wisdom, however if this succeeds in garnering the wished for instalanche it will be due to Prof. Reynolds superior sense of humor and innate graciousness)

More Plagiarism?

Just cause I never said it, doesn't mean he didn't steal this from me.

2. All executions would happen at the same time on the 4th of July, when all of the condemned are strapped to large fireworks and launched over the bay to be incinerated in spectacular fashion.

In addition to getting a last meal, each condemned person would get a choice of firework.

Guard: “Do you want the Starburst 4000 or the Pinwheel?”

Prisoner: “Which one goes highest before exploding?”

Tell the truth, doesn't that sound like something from one of my 'modest' or 'semi-modest' proposals? I'll have to steal that fake dialogue trick from him though, that makes for some lively writing.

Hey Kool Aid!!

Maybe someone at the LATimes reads this blog. They've noticed Aeros, too.

Their concept is for airborne cruisers as a commercial concept. I still say a subway alternative would also be an excellent use for massive blimps.

Why the Kool Aid comment? Well, look at the commentariat over at HuffPo with regards to this article.

If it isn't an excuse for Rush bashing, it's an excuse for Boooosh bashing.


Wasn't HuffPo supposed to be just an alternative place for ideas to meet?

Southern California Dreamin'

Pooh has this post about films that define the American spirit.

Screw America, I want to define Southern California. People think they know, but they don't know, the Dream Factory is what it is, and what it isn't, yet what people assume is often different from the realities.

Ten films in no particular order that illustrate aspects of Southern California.

1. Repo Man
Marginal folks, sardonic, laconic, dirty, industrial, unglamourous. this IS L.A.

2. Orange County
Before The O.C., there was Orange County, and it was good. Clueless upper income parents raising stoner/losers and striver/acheivers. It has a little bit of everything, great dialogue, and Jack Black too.

3. Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!
The vast untamed, unknowable, empty desert is part of Southern California, too. This film expresses the isolation, danger and insanity that region sometimes breeds. Plus Varla is the most kickass bad ass ever in film.

4. Pulp Fiction
The Valley. To see this film is to know it. The old school coffee shops, the nostalgia merchants, the crappy apartments, the multi-layered, multi-ethnic, multi-legal stew of everything and nothing.

5. The Decline of Western Civilization; Part II: The Metal Years; Part III
Penelope Spheeris' amazing documentaries about the punk and metal scenes in Los Angeles. The last one not as amazing as the first two, but the first two are some of the best musical documentaries around, and express a lot of what it was like here then.

6. The Big Sleep
A fantasy version of L.A. around the time of WWII, but a great fantasy version. This story could have been anywhere, possibly, but it still seems like it's setting in L.A. matters. And Raymond Chandler did much to define the L.A. myth as it is perceived worldwide so to leave out an adaptation of one of his works (by William Faulkner!) would be sacriligeous. The hard-boiled detective and Los Angeles are forever linked in film and novels (now let's start seeing more Walter Mosley pictures (but only if they are done well))

7. Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Inspired by my alma mater, starring many fellow Vikings. Sean Penn defines the surfer dude and made checkerboarded Vans acceptable (sorry about that). The list of actors who had real careers after this movie (even in the bit parts) is phenomenal. Maybe one of the best cast films ever. (and Phoebe Cates, mmmmmmmm). Southern California is perpetually adolescent, this film expresses that best. This movie will have to stand in for all of the stoner/surfer/skater culture, even if that is only a small part of this film.

8. Towering Inferno
The L.A. of most people's imaginations is a fearsome beast of dreams granted and disasters lurking around the corner. Whether that disaster be, Earthquake, Volcano?, or Pauly Shore, L.A. has been portrayed as a place where nature suffers humans to survive only to snuff them out in large quantities when it suits her.

9. Alien Nation
There is a strange absence of good films about the presence of so many immigrants (legal and otherwise) in Southern California. The ones that do get made are so full of liberal do-gooderism and white guilt that they are stultifyingly boring to watch (Crash, The End of Violence two prime examples). I would include Born In East L.A., but that's not exactly a classic. Hollywood, get to work, quit with the Spanglish tripe, and make a real movie about the people who make Los Angeles work, they have stories worth telling, and those stories need not be told from a 'white guilt' perspective. Leave it to SciFi to tell a part of that story, with Aliens substituting for the migrants.

10. The Wood
A film about the real middle class black folk that predominate the black community locally (All your Menace and Boyz, etc. are an exaggeration of a small dangerous percentage of hoodlums, the real black experience locally is one of intergration and success, but the video game version of all these movies is AWESOME) Friday wouldn't be a bad choice in this slot, but that's just a humorous Cheech & Chong style fantasy, which also fits into the L.A. stories, but I'm cutting this list off.

I could include others, many, many others (Where's Chinatown? Where's Gidget? Where's Z-Boys?) but this isn't about the best films set in Southern California, this is about films that represent aspects of the Southern California experience and how they resonate across the world.

Say it isn't so.

First the Patrick Frey revelations, and also recently JT Leroy, but this, this is too much.

Carrie Bradshaw (OK, not her, but Candace Bushnell, same thing), prudish hausfrau?

But she maintains that, despite the perceived view of her as racy spokeswoman for love-hungry Manhattanites, there was never actually that much sexual content in her writing; the television series was, instead, considerably tickled-up by a team of screenwriters, including two homosexual men. They were responsible, she says, a little grumpily, for transforming Samantha from an averagely libidinous character into a predatory bed-hopper who carried on 'like a gay man'.

Those durn homosexual writers, wanting to spice up a TV Show with . . . . . . . . SEX (ewww! gross, so all that dreary domesticity and pairing off in the last season was Bushnell's doing?).

And lest the interviewer miss an opportunity to assert British superiority over grubby Americans, here's the money paragraph
Clearly, I am flawed. Not only am I a hopelessly unsisterly misogynist, but, by her standards, I'm bone idle, too. Over in slothful Britain, I tell her, there is a move towards achieving a work-life balance that embraces family, personal wellbeing and leisure time. This outmoded, having-it-all work ethic she so admires is, surely, nothing more than executive drudgery

Where's the NEWS here?

WaPo reports you decide. (Wait wrong slogan. What is WaPos slogan anyway? Or are slogans beneath them?)

My impression, a ham sandwich and an ice cold beer would cause protests in that part of the world. Plus this looks like a Rent-A-Mob, an ever popular device in many places, and those signs are written in a steady elegant hand, not what you'd expect from the likes of this rabble, someone is paying to create the impression of anger, and probably paying well by local standards.

(actually, those delicious items would cause even BIGGER protests, dead women and children are one thing, but Alcohol! Pork! next thing you know you'll have women running around with their ankles showing!)

(Plus any protest movement lacking protest babes is doomed to failure)

17 January 2006

The obligatory waste of column inches

I predict the last 'the boomers are different from the old people in the past' article to waste column inches sometime in the year 2045 ('The earlier boomers are hitting the century mark, yet they're still sexy, fun-loving, and riding motorcycles!)

Brokeback Mountain Video Game?

With this news from Kotaku. . . . .

Can a Brokeback Mountain video game be far behind?

(They could use the Kong engine, first person, with lot's of jabbing spears, but replace the spears with whatever your imagination suggests you should replace the spears with)

Kal Penn's Scabby Rump, Dave Chappelle Blows New TV Stereo, Al Michelle Wie Jazeera Video Clips "Beat by a girl"

Leaning about scabs

Michelle wie rump

Al Jazeera International

"Kal Penn"

Michelle wie "beat by a girl"

Dave chappelle kkk blind video clips

curtis blow new TV stereo

A compendium of recent search results pointing to my modest blog (I especially like 'leaning' about scabs).

I thought I'd create a post title that ought to draw more interesting traffic.

That is all.

Move along.

There's nothing to see here.

The post where I reveal just how geeky I can be.

The ghost of Haley Joel Osment's character from Sixth Sense (oh, wait, he was the alive one, hope I didn't spoil anything) seemed to be whispering in every one's ear yesterday, 'I see racist people'.

Kotaku title this post World of Whitecraft.

Everyone responding pointed out that wanting to communicate with groupmates should be considered the primary reason for wanting to verify language skills in a game where unless you are using third party add ons, typing is the only method of communication. (and for your edification, or soporification, is an academic's take on WoWspeak)

Coordination of a group is the difference between a fun successful group, or a frustrating foray into fast and frequent death.

Having played the game to several high level characters (since retired, maybe when the expansion comes Ryoushikun will hunt again) I can attest to the frustration of grouping with someone who clearly can't respond in English, only wants to make as much loot as possible for themselves and doesn't show much concern if you live or die.

Language-ism isn't racism, even if the expression of those language preferences may take on racist over tones, that doesn't make everyone who prefers easy communication in a group a racist.

Now since I've just upped my geek score, let's talk about those recent speed Rubik's Cube solving competitions. . . . . .

(I remember kids in my Junior High (let's say in 1982-3) solving their scrambled cubes in 13-15 seconds (either I mis-remember, or geeks today are getting soft), as measured on glorious red LED digital watches (funny how much more those cost now), but they would condition their cubes by pulling them apart and spraying everything that moves with silicone spray, the recent competition probably supplied the cubes so they might have been too tight to achieve the highest possible speeds)

And one more completely unrelated digression that I don't feel rises to the level of requiring a separate post.

Yet another freeway chase today. The runner was a Scion xB. When the CHP attempted a PIT maneuver on surface streets the driver managed to keep going without too much problem (the short length of the car, coupled with the placement of the wheels at the corners benefitted the runner). I flipped between KCBS 2 (they have a 'car chase' link on the left bar, but no video from the most recent one yet, possibly soon) and KCOP 13, (no newslinks at site, just UPN publicity) and on both channels there was some sort of comment of the 'box on wheels' variety and surprise regarding 'that little car's going 75 mph!'. HATERS!


Mmmmm, Peanut Brittle.

Thank you, Mayor

Mayor Ray Nagin picked my next Friday Funk Lyric for me.

(I'll give you three guesses, wait till Friday to find out)

(He'll soon be instituting a REVERSE paper bag test for re-entry into the city (depending on how much sun he got that day, he might have trouble being dark enough himself), and if you can stomach it, here's what passes for humor on the left)

(and as you can tell by my baby pictures I'd fail miserably (yet if I choose to I can self-identify as Black (by parentage I'm just as black as Halle Berry or Lenny Kravitz), I can self-identify as just about anything, it's fun, you should too), but then you couldn't pay me to move to New Orleans anyway (it's the heat+humidity, constant decay, state/local corruption and prospect of little protection from future hurricanes for years to come)

And, way to celebrate MLK Day, mayor, good job.

16 January 2006

Attendance is MANDATORY

If you RSVP, you really ought to show up.

I can't abide rude dinner guests.

(next time, one less hidey-hole, one less village willing to let you crawl in the shadows)

(and noticing a thread of concern over the death of children due to this attack in the comments (a concern that sounds more spun from anti-militarism rather than actual concern for the Pakistani dead), don't invite Al Qaeda into your home, those children didn't deserve what happened, but neither did anyone at the WTC. One doesn't justify the other, but killing terrorists who ignore all civilized rules of war sometimes leads to unfortunately unavoidable situations that are fully within control of the terrorists to avoid)

UPDATE: One of the left's favorite targets of irrational, racist, sexist vituperation (how dare a non-white woman not be a lefty!!), Michelle Malkin has thoughts and links. And one other thing wrong with this picture (which I added above, lest it falls into the memory hole, Is the debris field doesn't look right (at least to my eyes) for a recent high explosives, high temperature missle attack on a very soft (unreinforced, light brick) target. (For those too lazy to look up themselves, like say NYTimes editors, the Predator carries two hellfire missles designed to punch through the armor of Soviet era heavy tanks through HEAT). (Wikipedia is pretty reliable when it comes to tech specs, just don't go there for anything political)

The rubble pile those sad faced folk are standing on looks suspiciously like earthquake damage. Though not close to the epicenter, poorly made structures crumble hundreds of miles from large quakes. (and it's the 21st Century, why do so many folks still live in unreinforced brick structures in earthquake zones? Earthquakes don't kill people, falling buildings kill people)

15 January 2006

Fun with Baby Pictures

I tried this site twice.
Picture 1:
Russell Crowe 56%
Sophie Marceau 55%
Karl Kraus 53%
Leni Riefenstahl 52%
Albert Einstein 50%
Tom Jones 50%
Carlo Collodi 50%
Sarah Michelle Gellar 49%
Keira Knightley 49%
Elisha Cuthbert 48

Picture 2:
Lenny Kravitz 64%
Ayumi Hamasaki 58%
Kathleen Ferrier 56%
Michael Crichton 45%
Keira Knightley 45%
Shirley Temple 43%
Max Euwe 41%
Shoko Asahara 40%
Alexandre Dumas 39%
Peter O' Toole 39%

Hmmm, should I be worried that I find all the ladies on this list to be really, really hot?
I'm sure using baby pictures skewed the results. I find it interesting that Lenny Kravitz is the top result for one of the pictures, but not on the list for the other.

And the only overlapping result, Keira Knightley?!?

(Keira, call me if you ever want to spawn some disturbingly hot children, I'm willing, if you are)

(and found my way to this site via this post from Daniel Drezner)

Hope you have a strong stomach

A big preview of the 2006 releases is featured in the Calendar Live section of today's L.A. Times (warning links here prove to be fleeting).

The highlights? (by category)


American Dreamz The president of the United States becomes a celebrity judge on an idol-making TV talent show in writer-director Paul Weitz's satire of U.S. culture and politics.

Big Momma's House 2 Martin Lawrence goes undercover as the plus-size housekeeper for the dysfunctional family of a suspect in a national-security case

Dr. Dolittle 3 The good doctor's youngest daughter (Kyla Pratt) has inherited his gift for animal gab and puts it to use at summer camp.

Garfield's A Tail of Two Kitties The big orange fur ball visits England with Jon (Breckin Meyer) in this twist on "The Prince and the Pauper."

The Pink Panther Steve Martin stars as the buffoonish French detective Inspector Clousseau in pursuit of a famed missing diamond belonging to a murdered soccer coach.

Scary Movie 4 Director David Zucker has a new batch of horror films to parody ("The Grudge," "Saw") and branches out to award-winners "Million Dollar Baby" and "Sideways." Anna Faris stars; above, Shaquille O'Neal, left, and Dr. Phil McGraw

Shaggy Dog Tim Allen stars in this remake about a distracted deputy D.A. transformed into a furry canine.

Van Wilder II: Rise of the Taj Kal Penn's character Taj Mahal steps into the leading role and heads to Oxford to teach the starched shirts there how to party. Directed by Mort Nathan ("Boat Trip").

(rather than comedies, these might be better called tragedies, or travesties)

HORROR (sans descriptions, the titles tell all)

The Grudge 2, The Hills Have Eyes (remake), The Omen 666, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

THRILLER (again, the title is enough)

Basic Instinct 2, The Da Vinci Code, Young Hannibal: Behind the Mask


One action picture rises above them all!
Circle your calendar, August 18th comes!

Snakes on a Plane Samuel L. Jackson stars as an FBI agent shepherding a witness from L.A. to Hawaii aboard a commercial flight when an assassin releases some deadly, slithering amphibians. Directed by David R. Ellis ("Cellular")

update: quote about Snakes on a Plane taken directly from LA Times article, evidently they are somewhat zoology instruction challenged ("releases some deadly, slithering amphibians")

Hey Times-Folk, ALL snakes are reptiles (a term not interchangeable with amphibians).