16 June 2010

Your Daily-ish Photo (Freaky Bumblebee Thinks It's a Honeybee Edition)

For your entertainment, a slideshow of a freaky bumblebee, deceptively colored like a honeybee.

My backyard is full of surprises...

08 June 2010

Crazy NBA Speculation and Internet Poll Time...

Peter Vecsey in the New York Post reports that David Geffen is making a serious play for controlling interest in the Los Angeles Clippers and hopes to lure LeBron James away from Cleveland, too (the rumor is already being shot down by the LAT Fabulous Forum blog, but that doesn't mean you can't still dream of a new future for LA's moribund NBA franchise).

Seems like if the franchise were to get a chance at a reboot, that they should bury the old cursed name, and ring in a new era by renaming and rebranding themselves, here are a few choices, some have been out there before, some are my own invention, most make use of the location, or the Geffen connection, pick a favorite

Possible names for a Los Angeles based David Geffen owned NBA franchise...
Los Angeles Rockers
Hollywood Knights
That Other NBA Team That Plays at Staples Center
West Hollywood Pride (at least it's not the Gay Pride, not that there's anything wrong with that)
Los Angeles Ogres (with Shrek as mascot, naturally)
Los Angeles Dragons (better name, better DW animated franchise)
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As far as these names go, LA Rockers sounds good on the tongue, and you could have a dual theme of Rock and Roll, as well as Earthquakes with regards to merchandizing. Hollywood Knights, too would be popular worldwide merchandizing-wise, though why people still think Hollywood is some glamorous place rather than the ratty, rundown, and skeevy hole it has been for most of its history, is beyond my ken. That Other Team benefits from accuracy, though the might be tough to fit on a jersey. The West Hollywood Pride would have absolutely fabulous jerseys, so they have that going for them, and would be pretty unique amongst major sports franchises in explicitly courting the 'gay dollar'. The LA Ogres might work, but the Shrek thing is kind of played out, and would look dated pretty quickly (see Raptors, Toronto for previous examples of a team jumping on a current trend and then looking foolishly dated very quickly by choice of name/mascot). That leaves the LA Dragons as a pretty solid choice, you could have both a western style dragon main jersey, as well as Chinese dragon alternate jerseys to cater to the massive (and massively interested in NBA basketball) Chinese market, and given that they are already working on another How to Train Your Dragon film, looks like this is the current ongoing animated franchise over at Dreamworks, so the cross promotion thing would be of real benefit.

07 June 2010

Your Daily-ish Photo (What Happens in the Purple Room? Edition)


So, as these posts aren't exactly daily anymore, a slight change in the title (the -ish ending is ever so versatile and useful).

And whatever happens under that purple light inside the 'motor clinic', can't imagine it being all that nice.

I'm thinking the scene in there is either Lynch-ian, or Tarantino-esque, but I could be wrong, I'll leave it up to you, dear readers, to decide what's happening in the purple room

In the purple room...
there's probably a gimp being brought out, right now
a dwarf is speaking backwards
a groovy forgotten 70s hit is playing as someone loses an ear
there's a man huffing NO2 while extolling the virtues of Pabst, Blue Ribbon
nothing untoward, dramatic or creepy is happening, darnit
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03 June 2010

Your Daily Photo (I've Got Your Brunfelsia Pauciflora Right Here, Buddy Edition)


So, didn't get around to shooting stuff, and the Lakers are less than two hours from tip, so I've got priorities bigger than wandering around this city taking snaps, but tomorrow, for sure, something will be captured.

NBA Playoffs 2010 Edition: A NBA Finals Poll . . .

I believe this poll covers all possible combinations of outcomes:

The NBA Finals are here: What will the results be?
Lakers in a hard fought 7 games triumph over the Cs at Staples
Lakers in 6 games, winning one in Boston, and all their home games
Lakers in 5, humiliating the Celtics in Boston in the final game as payback for 2008
Break out the Brooms! Lakers Sweep the Cs in 4!!!
Lakers in 3! After trouncing the Cs in the first 3 games, mercy rule applied, and 4th game cancelled
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02 June 2010

Your Daily Photo (I've Got Your Romneya Right Here, Buddy Edition)


Same Romneya, different day (actually shot the same day, but being posted a different day, plan on taking some shots tomorrow afternoon, so if I can get them uploaded before the Lakers game starts, tomorrow's daily photo should actually be a photo from that day)

01 June 2010

It's Spelling Bee Time, so Thought I'd Come Up With an Appropriate Poll . . .

The Obama Administration is...
(and in honor of Vizzini) INCONCEIVABLE!
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Your Daily Photo (Bloomin' White Flower Edition)


It's the return of daily photos, and daily blogging of some sort. Miss me?


Looked up what kind of plant that is, it's a Romneya (aka Matilija), and is native to the region, and according to wikipedia produces the largest flower in the poppy family.