31 March 2010

LOL Obama, Daily 31 March 2010


Your Daily Photo (Part Two in the Ongoing Series, Things You Won't See in the Obama Library Edition)


I don't see them proudly displaying a bunch of firearms gifted to President Obama during his term at his eventual presidential library.

Reagan was a believer in 'peace through strength' in more ways than just the Second Amendment.

Obama, not so much.

30 March 2010

LOL Obama, Daily 30 March 2010


Your Daily Photo (Exactly 29 Years Ago Edition)


March 30, 1981 John Hinkley attempted to kill the recently inaugurated President Reagan. We dodged a bullet as a nation that day, Reagan didn't. He had a lot left to do, and he survived to do it.

The man himself, below, on Larry King recounting what happened.

29 March 2010

LOL Obama, Daily 29 March 2010


Is there a budding 'bromance' between Obama and Karzai?

I'm not saying this photo is evidence of that, but I'm not not saying that, either...

Your Daily Photo (Something You Probably Won't See at the Obama Museum Edition)


28 March 2010

LOL Obama, Daily 28 March 2010


I think they're messing with me now. Surely they knew when they posted this last week that I'd have to reference the clip below...

Your Daily Photo (Perspectives on Perspective Edition)


Too busy watching basketball to go out and shoot stuff today. Planning on going to the Reagan Library tomorrow, so should have lots of photos posted by the end of the day.

27 March 2010

LOL Obama, Daily 27 March 2010


Finally, the Obama Administration gets serious about deficit reduction...

(although the ads from GM and SEIU are kind of taking money out of one pocket and putting it in another, but their hearts are in the right place, I guess)

Your Daily Photo (Randomly Selected Photo of the Day Edition)


26 March 2010

LOL Obama, Daily 26 March 2010


It helps to know that Chukchi are natives of remotest Siberia, and ethnic Russians enjoy telling rather derogatory jokes about them.

Your Daily Photo (Game On! Edition)


Haven't been much of a shutterbug lately, a photo from about half a year ago will have to tide you over. Hoping to shoot something tomorrow, but no promises.

23 March 2010

LOL Obama, Daily 23 March 2010


Your Daily Photo (Don't Put Another Dime in the Jukebox Edition)


Something shot more currently,tomorrow, at least probably. And, dammit, I still like that song...

22 March 2010

Your Daily Photo (Got Wood? Edition)


LOL Obama, Daily 22 March 2010


I may have altered the President's, and the Vice-President's heads slightly, but the smugness of their expressions was clearly visible in the original.

21 March 2010

Your Daily Photo (An Upside Down Flag is a Sign of Distress Edition)

20090703_041 MtRubidoux

Obviously, I just rotated the picture, the flag was fine back when I shot it the day before Independence Day, last year.

Seems rotating that image 180 degrees is a good way to illustrate today, Dependence Day.

LOL Obama, Daily 21 March 2010


For those who don't follow basketball, here's a YouTube clip of Shaq's original rap

And, to be fair to Pete Souza, he wasn't completely fixated on the President's ass in his original photo (below). Just shows you the power of cropping (which is mentioned in this Gizmodo post, as well).

20 March 2010

Your Daily Photo (You Might Call it Rusted, I Call it Well Seasoned Edition)


LOL Obama, Daily 20 March 2010


Enjoy your weekend, even as President Obama and Speaker Pelosi do everything in their power to screw it up.

For those too lazy to blow-up and flip the photo to see what the President's Weekend Agenda is, here it is:

1. Convince fellow Democrats to leap off the HCR cliff with me
2. Decry insurance companies while at the same time giving them a huge windfall by mandating health coverage
3. Invoke Karl Rove, that's always a good way to sell a Democratic proposal...
4. Bracket's already busted (damn you G'town!), screw up everyone else's NCAA Tourney viewing plans
5. Sanctimoniously lecture fellow Dems, ignore the GOP, and definitely ignore tens of thousands of citizens protesting our reform efforts.
Someone is getting screwed this weekend, either Obama/Pelosi are going to look like ineffectual lefties and screw up their self-perception, legacy, and support on the left, or they get things passed, and they're going to institute a massively unfair, mostly unpopular, and inevitably mismanaged and far more costly direction in health coverage, screwing Americans and our economy for years to come.

19 March 2010

LOL Obama, Daily 19 March 2010


Turns out, all Nancy needed for her "Demon Pass" was horns. Seems she had the soulessness, generalized contempt for humanity, and crazed fixed stare already covered.

We are so screwed if she gets her way this weekend...

Your Daily Photo (What Percentage of Folks Don't Realize the Story of Midas is a Cautionary Tale? Edition)


Getty Center, Midas, by Jean-Joseph Carri├Ęs, looking a bit forlorn.

(didn't get out and about as planned, watched the Madness, instead)

(Marathon, Sunday, will capture some of that, hopefully)

18 March 2010

LOL Obama, Daily 18 March 2010


Obama, still a bit green...

(in more ways than one, I think)

Your Daily Photo (El Segundo Police, Always There When You Need Them..., To Get in the Way of a Shot Edition)


From close to a month ago, I'll get out there and do something somewhere tomorrow, with camera in hand, don't know where, yet, but it will be outside the borders of Santa Monica.

16 March 2010

LOL Obama, Daily 16 March 2010


What am I saying here?

That Obama is recycling his campaign speeches and pretending that's a smart way to govern?

That it's time to recycle DC, and throw all the bums out?

That I'm learning how to play with layers, and went a bit overboard?

Almost forgot to link a post elsewhere about the NYT photo that this is a play on. Two weeks from now, no one will remember that stupid cross photo, so I'll post a copy below, and a link to the article that was illustrated by it (and is often the case, if something ends up being controversial, it disappears down the memory hole, the article no longer has a photo connected to it at NYT website)

Your Daily Photo (There Is Beauty, Even in Decay Edition)


15 March 2010

LOL Obama, Daily Ides of March 2010


President Obama is no Julius Caesar, and our Senate isn't the Ancient Roman Senate, but seems like a reasonable precaution to be wary during the Ides of March, anyway.

(and even though I am critical of his administration, I'd hate to see the craziness unleashed upon the land should anything happen to the President, so stay healthy, dude!)

In the 2,054 since the mess at the Roman Senate, seems that the art of backstabbing (and front or side stabbing) has gone from literal to figurative, which is probably a good thing, I guess.

Your Daily Photo (Same Frontyard Flora, Different Angle Edition)


Your daily flora, same frontyard, same camelias, same wisteria, with added bird of paradise for your pleasure.

Another gorgeous day hereabouts, guess I gotta go somewhere and shoot something with that extra hour of sunlight we 'gained' this weekend.

12 March 2010

LOL Obama, Daily 12 March 2010


I think I could do a whole subset of LOL Obamas that fall under the heading, 'sit in your chair like a damn adult, Mr. President...'

(alternate caption, beneath Secretary of State Clinton, 'Explain to me again why that joker gets to sit over there, while I'm over here, how the hell did I lose to that guy?')

Your Daily Photo (Something Rotting in the State of California, or at Least Under My Orange Tree, Edition)


Nothing better than mangling Shakespeare quotes on a Friday afternoon.

(actually, there are lots of better things to do than mangle Shakespeare quotes on a Friday afternoon)

Taken Wednesday, inspired by the latest Gizmodo Shooting Challenge (along with those 'blue' photos I posted earlier), here's both monochrome sets as slideshows below. Enjoy the lack of variety in colors!

11 March 2010

LOL Obama, Daily 11 March 2010


If I hung out with Biden a lot, I'd probably give him the finger at every opportunity, too.

Your Daily Photo (Blue Me! Edition)


10 March 2010

LOL Obama, Daily 10 March 2010


Wise of the President to reject Biden's suggestion, Rep. Massa's little 'tickle party' didn't end so well, probably best not to emulate.

Your Daily Photo (Am I Blue? Edition)


I'm not blue, but these glasses are.

Speaking of Am I Blue...

09 March 2010

LOL Obama, Daily 09 March 2010


Just fired up the old PS3 and popped in my recently received (yeah for Amazon release day delivery!) copy of Final Fantasy XIII.

Couldn't help myself with today's LOL Obama, that 'fro was just demanding to be placed on the President's noggin.

Luckily, after a bit of a drought, the Flickr stream had new photos today, and that shot with the PM of Greece seemed like the perfect opportunity to turn President Obama into a Cosplayer.

Your Daily Photo (Soup For You! Edition)


Another lit by a single candle shot. I cheated and moved the candle around during a 30 sec exposure to get such even lighting. Also, think of this as a tribute to Warhol.

08 March 2010

Your Daily Photo (Need a Hand? Edition)


If you need a hand, I can only lend you my left one, my right one is busy.

(wait, don't take that the wrong way...)

LOL Obama, Daily 08 March 2010


Domestic battery is never funny. But politicians beating on each other, HIGH-Larious!

The Whitehouse Photostream has been reduced to a trickle lately, hope I'm not responsible for that...