29 December 2008

The Odds Makers are Odd . . .

Out of the four teams hosting a playoff game this NFL Wildcard Weekend, there's only one favored against their opponent in the betting line.

If you guessed that 8-8 San Diego (in their favor winners of their last 4 games and 7-1 against the spread at home this season) would be favored by 1 point over 12-4 Indianapolis (winners of their last 9 games, and arguably the best team in football over the past two months), you'd have been right.

Did Ken Jennings Just Make a "Glory Hole" Joke?

Ken, commenting on airport bathrooms.

(I suppose I should direct you to the surprisingly detailed and informative wiki on the subject of "glory holes")

27 December 2008


Disco fever is back

First of All, the Plural of Sheep is Sheep . . .

In my email inbox, this subject line, quote:

"Lesbians and their lovely sheeps"

I'm just trying to imagine who exactly sees that bit of spam and decides, 'wow, that's the porn for me, lesbian bestiality was just the particular kink that I was looking for!'

If you are a lesbian who also enjoys sex with animals, is that with female or male animals? Is there even more than 4 or 5 people on the entire globe who fit that description, and if so what are the chances that they've shot themselves engaged in that activity? Is this the sort of deeply philosophical and engagingly intellectual post on this blog that keeps you coming back for more?

And what is up with so many spam emails using bestiality as a come on? Is there really that big of a market for those sort of images and videos? I don't get it, I would imagine the vast majority of people with web access can happily live their lives without ever seeing any sort of image that even hints at inter-species carnal relations.

But, really, if you are going to spam my email, at least know what the plural of sheep is, it's not too much to ask.

26 December 2008

Hey, Don't Blame Me, I Voted "Hell NO!"

Michelle Malkin notices our recently approved high speed rail line. It's not just Californians who are going to pour resources into this particular money pit, looks like the Obama Administration is going to get onboard and dump some federal dollars down this hole, as well.

Ha, ha, ha, ha, suckers!!!!!!

My predictions for this boondoggle, you won't be able to get from the Bay to L.A. on this thing before 2019 (they'll fast track portions of it, but the full connection will take time), and it won't ever make the trip in less than 4 hours (it will be slowed by stops, inclines and such, but there will be a few stretches where the thing hits the promised 220mph mark so everyone can claim success, but I doubt it will ever see better than 100mph for an average speed from its farthest connecting points), and that'll be after sinking over $30B over the next decade (supposedly it'll only cost $10B, but that's as much of a dream as the sub 2 hour travel time from Oakland to Los Angeles by rail), and either they'll have to subsidize the hell out of the ticket price to get anyone to ride, or they'll tax the hell out of the air links between the areas to force people to use the 'greener' alternative.

I did what I could, I tried to point out why this would be a bad idea when I made my voting recommendations, but I guess I lack influence and for some reason California voters think all that bond money falls from the sky and doesn't add to our state budget deficit or lead to increased taxation. Life must be wonderfully simple when you are that blissfully unaware of consequences.

How Could You Have a Discussion of the Possible Disestablishment of the Church of England Without Talking About Antidisestablishmentarianism?

So the Archbishop of Canterbury isn't too worried about the prospect of disestablishment, but he doesn't seem to exactly be an antidisestablishmentarian nor does he profess much in the way of antidisestablishmentarianist thought or rhetoric.The fact that the Church of England remains "established" may seem odd to my First Amendment worshipping American mind, but I question how and why a movement for disestablishment exists.

If it's an honest attempt to embrace religious freedom, then I'm for it. British society already seems to be very secular, so whether or not the Church of England is the official state religion won't make much of a difference.

There is one big unspoken thing that seems to be behind this disestablishment movement. Is it just about the Church of England, or is it about responding to pressure from Muslim groups? (whether perceived or actual, doesn't matter)

This same Archbishop also caused a bit of a stink earlier this year when he suggested that having some aspects of Sharia be adopted by Britain was "unavoidable".

There are already voluntary Sharia courts in Britain, but it's not hard to imagine those courts becoming mandatory for practicing Muslims within those jurisdictions (and given that in some parts of England segregation is almost total, some neighborhoods would be under Sharia rule exclusively), especially after disestablishment. That's given the overly accommodating nature of British politicians and their unwillingness to confront the bigots and crazies within their Muslim population.

Religious freedom is a great thing, if disestablishment is about increasing the free expression of religion (or non-religion) in Britain, then go for it, the sooner the better, if it's about something else, then don't mess with the tradition just to accommodate a vocal minority within an important and expanding constituency.

Being British needs to be about a shared experience, the center of that shared experience doesn't need to be an established church, but it should be about the basic traditions, laws, and deserved pride in their long and glorious history. That definition of Britishness can include people of all ethnicities and creeds, but if people choose to settle in Britain, be proud of becoming British and official doctrine should be about working towards "Britishness". The UK is failing their citizens when they don't work towards a common sense of Britishness regardless of from where, or from how long ago people came to their shores.

Anti-assimilation multiculturalism is a disease that corrodes societies. I see it here in Los Angeles, and from what I see in their newspapers, it's also a problem in Britain. I hope the desire to disestablish the church is just about freedom and nothing more, but given the behavior and rhetoric of some of their politicians it smells more like an act of appeasement, and you'd think the Brits would have learned their lesson regarding appeasement, but I guess not.

(Is this an issue that I really care about deeply, or was I just looking for an excuse to type the word, "antidisestablishmentarianism"?)

If Someone Is Really Demanding an Explanation . . .

From Megan McArdle

Obviously, if you think it's the government's job to pick economic winners and losers, and ensure that rich people lose as often as possible, then my stance is horrible and hypocritical. I will explain another time why I think that this is neither just, nor in the long-term interests of American society.

Is this really a concept that needs explanation? I think anyone who needs it explained to them that it's a very bad idea and patently unjust that the government should pick winners and losers and punish the rich, then I don't conceive of any amount of persuasion changing their minds.

I just hope that the parts of Obama's rhetoric that match the notion of picking winners and punishing the rich was just that, rhetoric, and not something he plans on putting into practice.

I am truly frightened by how many of Obama's more vocal supporters hope that his feints in that direction were more than empty rhetoric and instead part of his proposed "Hope" and "Change".

25 December 2008

Have a Happy Happy and a Merry Merry

Wishing everyone a happy happy and a merry merry. Whatever occasion you want to be happy and/or merry, enjoy it, cherish it, and be a source of happiness and merriment for others. Being the font of good times beats the alternative, though being the recipient of somebody else's good cheer is good, too, and even if you spend this time of year alone, enjoy that solitude, solitude has its pleasures (and if by familial responsibilities you are forced to be in the presence of a bona fide Grinch/Scrooge/Spreader of Ill Tidings, be forgiving, and be above their emotional crap, their misery will likely last all next year, while the misery they cause you will only be temporary).

(and yes, I can still rock the multi-hued tam o shanter when needed)

(and yes, pretty much nobody made it through the early 70s without taking a picture with some questionable clothing or interior decorating choices on view)

(back to blogging, hopefully, just haven't had much to say, but rather than worrying about whether or not my thoughts and notions are interesting, insightful, or engaging, I'll be like everyone else and post away any way, it's up to you to read or not read it, you can't ignore what isn't there, so I hope to give you plenty of material to ignore throughout 2009 which will likely be an interesting year)

11 December 2008

Is Al Gore Headed to Southern California This Weekend?

*Special Weather Statement*

This part caught my eye
Another significant impact of this weather system will be the very low snow levels. On Saturday snow levels are expected to be initially 6000 to 7000 feet. Snow levels are expected to then lower to between 3500 and 4500 feet by Sunday... lowest across northern mountain ranges. Snow levels are expected to be even lower by
Tuesday night into Wednesday... possibly as low as 2000 to 2500 feet in heavier showers. While any snow accumulation in the foothills is expected to be minimal... the mountains could experience several inches of new snow with this cold and unsettled weather pattern. Interstate 5 from the Grapevine to Santa Clarita could be impacted by snowfall at times Sunday through Wednesday.

So, a small chance of the first bit of snowfall in Santa Monica in my lifetime, thanks a lot Mr. Al Gore, aka The Coldinator.

Somehow I just know that snowfall in Houston and this upcoming bit of bad weather here are all connected to this recent Obama-Gore photo op.

Remember folks, The Al Gore Effect, it's not just a joke, it's science!