17 January 2006

Thank you, Mayor

Mayor Ray Nagin picked my next Friday Funk Lyric for me.

(I'll give you three guesses, wait till Friday to find out)

(He'll soon be instituting a REVERSE paper bag test for re-entry into the city (depending on how much sun he got that day, he might have trouble being dark enough himself), and if you can stomach it, here's what passes for humor on the left)

(and as you can tell by my baby pictures I'd fail miserably (yet if I choose to I can self-identify as Black (by parentage I'm just as black as Halle Berry or Lenny Kravitz), I can self-identify as just about anything, it's fun, you should too), but then you couldn't pay me to move to New Orleans anyway (it's the heat+humidity, constant decay, state/local corruption and prospect of little protection from future hurricanes for years to come)

And, way to celebrate MLK Day, mayor, good job.

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