16 January 2006

Attendance is MANDATORY

If you RSVP, you really ought to show up.

I can't abide rude dinner guests.

(next time, one less hidey-hole, one less village willing to let you crawl in the shadows)

(and noticing a thread of concern over the death of children due to this attack in the comments (a concern that sounds more spun from anti-militarism rather than actual concern for the Pakistani dead), don't invite Al Qaeda into your home, those children didn't deserve what happened, but neither did anyone at the WTC. One doesn't justify the other, but killing terrorists who ignore all civilized rules of war sometimes leads to unfortunately unavoidable situations that are fully within control of the terrorists to avoid)

UPDATE: One of the left's favorite targets of irrational, racist, sexist vituperation (how dare a non-white woman not be a lefty!!), Michelle Malkin has thoughts and links. And one other thing wrong with this picture (which I added above, lest it falls into the memory hole, Is the debris field doesn't look right (at least to my eyes) for a recent high explosives, high temperature missle attack on a very soft (unreinforced, light brick) target. (For those too lazy to look up themselves, like say NYTimes editors, the Predator carries two hellfire missles designed to punch through the armor of Soviet era heavy tanks through HEAT). (Wikipedia is pretty reliable when it comes to tech specs, just don't go there for anything political)

The rubble pile those sad faced folk are standing on looks suspiciously like earthquake damage. Though not close to the epicenter, poorly made structures crumble hundreds of miles from large quakes. (and it's the 21st Century, why do so many folks still live in unreinforced brick structures in earthquake zones? Earthquakes don't kill people, falling buildings kill people)

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benning said...

Besides which, as many others haved noted, that is not a missile or a missile remain(s). It is an artillery shell.

Not one word of the area being shelled was there?