13 January 2006

Ding Dong, The Witch is Dead?

Breaking News:

No link yet, but CNN (at 7pm EST) is reporting that a missle attack on the Afghan, Pakistani border has targeted and killed Al Zawahiri.

If true, Yipee! If not, it's a matter of time.

Unconfirmed reports shouldn't be touted so quickly, but since I'm watching it at this moment, I can't help myself.

(and they are now going into full on, 'poo poo' mode. to paraphrase, 'it doesn't mean that Al Qaeda is gone, or that they will be effected, they've morphed and are spreading' yada yada yada)

No one thinks that this will be the end of Al Qaeda, but this IS significant if true, and Peter Bergen their 'CNN Terrorism Analyst' (and he must be authoritative since he has a British accent) says that this is a 'big deal'.

Besides is believed to be one of the Sept 11 planners and close associate to Bin Laden for 20 years, his death (again unconfirmed) would be retribution (sorry Spielberg, killing killers is just) and significant.

Will update with link when possible.

UPDATE: CNN reported it first, but ABC has a link. However, CNN claims unofficial U.S. confirmation (CIA sources, naturally, leaky they are) for bombing, though they caution until DNA testing of remains it's possible that Al Zawahiri may not have been killed.

Also a suggestion that the recent video might have lead to better intelligence.

And at 7:20EST CNN remains the only 24/7 Cable newser to have this story.

UPDATE 2: MSNBC also has story. strange that the CNN website is being beat to the web on their own exclusive. They add an innocent villagers killed angle and claim the attack was a CIA controlled Predator drone based hellfire strike.

UPDATE 3: CNN has the link to their report up. They took a few more minutes to post than the others. Also after the Sago Mine disaster fiasco, alacrity should be viewed with some skepticism. So not being the first to the web shouldn't be criticized too strongly.

UPDATE 4: The Counterterrorism Blog is likely the place to get up to date info on the happenings on this story. (and it was the blog linked by Instapundit)

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