15 January 2006

Fun with Baby Pictures

I tried this site twice.
Picture 1:
Russell Crowe 56%
Sophie Marceau 55%
Karl Kraus 53%
Leni Riefenstahl 52%
Albert Einstein 50%
Tom Jones 50%
Carlo Collodi 50%
Sarah Michelle Gellar 49%
Keira Knightley 49%
Elisha Cuthbert 48

Picture 2:
Lenny Kravitz 64%
Ayumi Hamasaki 58%
Kathleen Ferrier 56%
Michael Crichton 45%
Keira Knightley 45%
Shirley Temple 43%
Max Euwe 41%
Shoko Asahara 40%
Alexandre Dumas 39%
Peter O' Toole 39%

Hmmm, should I be worried that I find all the ladies on this list to be really, really hot?
I'm sure using baby pictures skewed the results. I find it interesting that Lenny Kravitz is the top result for one of the pictures, but not on the list for the other.

And the only overlapping result, Keira Knightley?!?

(Keira, call me if you ever want to spawn some disturbingly hot children, I'm willing, if you are)

(and found my way to this site via this post from Daniel Drezner)

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reader_iam said...

She IS awfully pretty, isn't she?