20 December 2005

If You Can't Get Under It, Maybe You Should Go Over IT

Rep. Henry Waxman (my personal congress-critter) has withdrawn his decades long objection (how the hell does it take 20 years to come to a conclusion that it would be safe to dig a tunnel through there anyway?) to allowing a subway project extending (The Metrorail Red Line) into the Westside.

Now the costs are far more than they would have been 20 years ago, and the construction likely to take at least a decade if not more.

But, given that the DARPA funded research into developing the WALRUS should be completed by 2015 might not studying the possibility of going over the city with mass transit blimps make more sense than tunnelling under a seismically active, methane gas filled tar pit?

(added bonus, one of the winning contract bidders is Tarzana based Aeros (the other winner was behemoth LockheedMartin (page 22 of the Corporate overview shows a picture of their concept of a WALRUS dwarving 5 C-5s parked next to it!)))

(There's also this future tech possible alternative to subways that should be considered before digging more tunnels at astronomical cost)

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