14 December 2009

Your Daily Photo (Keep Your Surprisingly Capacious Bowls, I've Got a Freakin' Fruit-bearing Tree in My Backyard Edition)


Valencias are the best juicing orange, even if they don't always have the best cosmetic appearance.

And enjoy this sentence from the wiki on Valencias (which despite the name, were developed right here in Southern California, not Spain)

However, its excellent taste and internal color make it desirable for the flesh markets, too.

(That's what Tiger said!)

(and I may have altered one letter in the above sentence, guess which one)

(and here's a link to the post that inspired me to shoot my tree this afternoon)

(also, I may have gotten a bit crazy pushing those color curves around when converting these shots from RAW to JPG formats)

Here's a slide show of the whole small set (12 pictures) taken this sunny, but cool, afternoon (at least it's cool by our standards, fine, 59F isn't exactly cold, but it's not beach weather, either).


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