18 September 2009

Weekly NFL Related Humiliation: Week 2, The Picks

BS's column, here, home teams ALL CAPS.

New Orleans Saints (PK) over PHILADELPHIA EAGLES (BS: NO)
NEW YORK JETS (+4) over New England Patriots (BS: NYJ)
SAN DIEGO CHARGERS (-3.5) over Baltimore Ravens (BS: BAL)
DALLAS COWBOYS (-3) over NY Giants (BS: NYG)
MIAMI DOLPHINS (-3) over Indianapolis Colts (BS: IND)

The early games, should be entertaining. The Saints have the best offense in the league, while Philly will have to make do without McNabb at QB. Saints will score at least 4 TDs, don't think Philly's offense will keep up, unless their defense scores a few TDs to keep them close. I think New England are as bad as they looked for the first 50 minutes of last week's game, and the Jets are as good as they looked, so Jets should have no problem winning on the road. The one late being shown in the LA market ought to be good, too. LaDanian Tomlinson being out might help San Diego as Sproles should be more effective against the very aggressive front seven of the Ravens. That is, if he survives. I think the Chargers offense has enough tools to get the job done, and their defense will play better than they did against the Raiders last week. The Sunday night game is the opening of Jerry Jones' shrine to himself. Dallas might start a bit tight with all the build up and hype, but I still don't think the Giants are particularly good. Dallas will control both sides of the ball, and romp in this one. The Monday night game will probably be a snooze fest. The Dolphins will rebound from a lousy game last week, and the Colts are about to start a 4 game losing skid.

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