21 July 2007

Sen. Robert Byrd on Michael Vick

Part I

Part II

Part III

(25 Minutes of this!!!)

The voters in West Virginia should be forced to watch every second of his ramblings on the Senate floor as penance for electing this windbag over and over.

If Michael Vick is guilty of what he's accused, he does indeed deserve eternal damnation should he fail to be contrite and understand the evil of his actions and inactions. But, this is not a subject worth 25 minutes of rambling, paper shuffling, crazy old coot ramblings on the Senate floor.

It's strangely compelling to watch, Sen. Byrd in full coot mode, I'd love to see a reality show follow him around as he goes about his business in DC. I think it would be instructive, and maybe help cure voters nationwide of favoring incumbents over and over again.

And let's not forget, that man up there rambling is 4th in line for the Presidency. He's 3 heartbeats from being President (to extend the ' heartbeat' cliche a little farther than normal).

As an added bonus, here's the actual indictment (PDF) of Vick, love the a/k/a for each defendant:

a/k/a "P-Funk" and "Funk,"

a/k/a "Q,"

a/k/a "T,"

a/k/a "Ookie"


(got tired of Ron Mexico, I guess)


Here's a stupid YouTube trick. Play all three at once. Given the lengthy pauses and disjointed nature of his narrative, it makes just as much sense all at once as it would in order. He's elevated rambling old cootism into sophisticated performance art.

Bravo maestro, Bravo.

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