17 September 2006

The Bloodletting Has Been Horrific

Muslims throughout Western countries have had to hide their identity, fear death by roving bands of Christians, and have seen their mosques attacked with firebombings in cities as widespread as Malmo Sweden, Dearborn Michigan, Melbourne Australia, and London England.

Wait, none of that happened? Not even a single reported incidence of violence (and only one incidence of vandalism), so far?

Even after Anglican Churches were attacked in Gaza? Even after an elderly nun was murdered in Somalia? Even in reaction to threats against the Pope in London (rather comically, these protests are across from Westminster Cathedral. These idiots don't know that Anglicans have been pretty anti-papist throughout their history, and were in the habit of calling the Pope the Antichrist update: My bad, THIS idiot didn't realize there was both an Anglican Westminster Abbey and a Catholic Westminster Cathedral. Doh! Here's a first hand account of the protests from a Catholic parishoner at Westminster's Cathedral)? (Michelle Malkin rounds up many more examples, just scroll down)

Why then, do Muslim groups like CAIR insist on painting themselves as victims and painting folks like Ahmed Angerpuss below as being misunderstood and understandably outraged at such vile attacks on their faith as what Pope Benedict XVI said in Germany last weekend?

Enough is enough.

At some point all this pushing will result in a push back.

If they are going to cry anyway, maybe they should be given something to really cry about.

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