27 August 2006

Which Senator Smells Most of Pork?

A single US Senator (using the vile practice of the 'secret hold') seems to be the sole setback stopping smooth sailing (sorry for all the esses, couldn't help myself) for an 'open government' bill. (hat tip Instapundit)

Rather than wasting time and eliminating each Senator as a likely suspect by getting pledges from each one. Go to directly to the two leading, aging potentates of pork in each party.

I'll only accept two guesses as who it might be, Sen. Ted Stevens of Alaska, or Sen. Robert Byrd of West Virginia.

I can't imagine it being any other individual but one of those two gentleman lingering old farts.

A vote on the elimination of the 'secret hold' would also seem to be in order (of course that would get tabled by a 'secret hold' as well).

1 comment:

P_J said...

Good guesses. It's a tight race to the bottom, but my money's on Byrd.