04 February 2008

The Finaly Humiliation Superbowl XLII (The I'm Happy I Was Dead Wrong Edition)

Couldn't be happier that I was dead wrong about the Superbowl this year. Complete wipeout, 100% wrong with my Superbowl picks, makes calculating my losses much easier. Low scoring games can be exciting, this one proves that's the case. That one scramble by Eli, and the awful, ugly, dead duck, fluttering pass that somehow ended in a completion on a crucial third and long in the 4th quarter will go down in history as one of the mythic plays in any Superbowl.

New England was listless, their offensive line fell apart (relatively speaking, that is), which lead to the usually unflappable Tom Brady looking decidedly flapped. I saw Tom Brady go from golden boy before the game to the second coming of a shorter Jim (don't call me Chrissy) Everett during the game. He never got "happy feet" that bad, but he had trouble stepping up to make his throws, and his downfield accuracy was abyssmal. Even more unbelievably, I saw Eli Manning become a Superbowl MVP?!? Eli "He's Making that face again" Manning. Un.Be.Lieve.able. (wait, that thing with the periods doesn't really work within a word, does it?)

New England had the plays designed, they had the personnel, but the execution was lacking throughout that game on both sides of the ball. The Giants didn't play a great game to beat a great team, they played a good game to beat a listless team. The Giants earned this championship, but don't expect another tickertape parade for this team any time soon.

I still say next year's Superbowl will be New Orleans v Tennessee (both those teams will turn around what were disappointing seasons this year).

After recording FOX all day yesterday, I just don't have the time or inclination to go through it all, and seems like every website in teh internets is doing their "Commercials Round Up" piece, so there's plenty of places to see that discussion. The ETrade baby is right, though, clowns are creepy.

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