03 February 2008

I'm Filling Up My Hard Drive, Just for You . . .

. . . OK, not really filling it up, and besides there's two more where that first one came from, but I am recording FOX all day, their Super Duper Califragilistic Sunday seems like an interesting experiment, so I was going to record the whole thing and look for interesting moments. First interesting moment so far . . .

Nothing says political or football coverage that should be taken seriosuly like a couple of Hooters Girls playing Madden on Wii.

People who complain about Fox News, just don't get it, they don't care that they aren't taken seriously all the time, they know how to have fun, and they know how to tweak their critics. Roger Ailes is a freakin' genius (of the evil variety, at times, but genius nonetheless).

(Were they inspired by the topless Wii playing (and NSFW) Nuts Girls?)

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