05 February 2008

Who Cares About Super Duper Califragilistic Tuesday, Pau Gasol Started His First Game for the Lakers . . .

. . . and he was muy bueno. 24 points, 12 rebounds, 3 assists and a steal. Not a bad first day on the job. Helps that it was against New Jersey, but still he looked good out there on offense, a little lost on defense, but that'll develop over time.

More concerning was Kobe, he dislocated his pinkie at the knuckle, hopefully not too seriously, but he shot terribly in the game (3-13) and the Lakers have no time to rest him with another game tomorrow in Atlanta.

And as far as Super Duper Tuesday, after seeing the whiny statement from Romney about the voting in West Virginia, I changed my vote in the primary to Sen. John McCain.

Sometimes it's good to wait till the last second.

And a note to the folks standing near me in line to vote, I wasn't the one who stank to high heaven, or the semi-homeless looking guy behind me, it was the young thin blonde model looking woman who must be on some sort of non-bathing kick (and lots and lots of garlic). Young thin blonde model looking women can really get away with terrible hygiene, life is so unfair.

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