08 February 2008

I Suppose If a Little Person Shows Up on Lost Island, We'll Get All Sorts of "Fantasy Island" Speculation As Well . . .

. . . over at ALOTT5MA, the speculation regarding last night's LOST gets into some serious discussion of why the 70s sucked so hard.

OK, not really that, more about whose boat the boat in the show might be, and someone snarkily suggested that it must be "The Love Boat", which then led to more snark along these lines:

Matt poses this question, "I'm wondering what cruise ship worth its salt has one and only one bartender."

Jenn answers knowingly, "It was a different time, Matt. People were accustomed to waiting for things. Phone calls? Only if you were home or at the office. Mail? USPS. Drinks? Only when Isaac had time to help you."

Yes kiddies, the 70s did really suck as hard as all that. As far as LOST goes . . .,

(I guess, I have to admit, some aspects of the 80s sucked pretty hard, too)

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