08 February 2008

It's ALL About MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

That should be the Clintons' campaign slogan. And I use the plural, because it seems Sen. Clinton isn't running alone, she's also running as Billary, and lately she's also running as Billarysea.

So David Shuster filling it an MSNBC uses a rather informal turn of phrase that within the context obviously isn't meant to suggest that Chelsea Clinton is a street corner prostitute, but does speak to the typical acts of pandering that politicians often do. If you don't want to hear the phrase "pimp" used to describe your actions, then don't commit acts that look suspiciously like pandering. Instead of laughing it off, Hillary chose to get into full wounded mode, demand apologies, and threatened to pull out of MSNBC debates. If GOP candidates threatened to pull out every time media types said something that could be construed as offensive about them, there'd have been no GOP debates anywhere but on FNC. Chelsea's a grown assed woman, she can defend herself, and she can choose to be offended or not offended on her own.

But Hillary must get offended. Why? Because what Shuster said was particularly offensive? No. Because being offended looks good on Hillary. Because I think the people around the Clinton campaign have seen their numbers rise when they can make Hillary seem like a victim of bad men demeaning her for being a woman, so any chance they get to play the victim, they will play, and play it for all it's worth.

This may get them votes in the Democratic primaries, but if they continue this "look at me, I'm a victim" game in the general election, the anti-Hillaryite crowd will swell into a massive wave of GOP friendly voters turning out to effect not only the presidential contest, but all the local and statewide contests as well.

I hope she's handed her party's nomination. I really, really do.

(given that neither Obama or Clinton will be able to earn a majority of the delegates needed in the remaining primaries, the "super delegates" will 'hand' the nomination to one or the other, the Democratic nominee won't be elected so much as selected)

MSNBC should have stood their ground, they shouldn't have suspended Shuster, and Shuster has nothing to apologize for.

What a whiny bunch of identity politics addicted babies Democrats are making themselves out to be this election cycle.

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Pastor_Jeff said...

... any chance they get to play the victim, they will play, and play it for all it's worth.

No argument there, but the "pimping out" comment was way out of line. Are other candidates' kids being pimped out? Chelsea can't support her mom on her own? I'd be mad as hell if somebody said that about my kids, no matter their age. It's a stupid and obnoxious statement, and he deserves to have his head handed to him for it.