13 January 2008

NFL Playoff Picks: The Results, Divisional Playoffs Edition

2-2, not good, not bad, just meh. At least My Nemesis Bill Simmons™ also went 2-2.

Green Bay thumped Seattle as predicted, New England beat Jacksonville, controlled the game, but didn't bother covering the spread, those bastards. Guessed right about San Diego being able to keep the game close or even upset Indy. They won despite losing Rivers and LT, don't know how the Colts lost that one. Dallas could let a game slip away that they should have won. NY Giants still look like crap, Eli's stastitics were pretty awful, but they did enough to win.

The conference finals should be two huge blowouts, I don't see a banged up Chargers or a still crappy Giants doing anything on the road next week.

New England v Green Bay will bring double the normal insane level of hype you get in a Superbowl, probably will set ratings and ticket scalping records as well.

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