12 January 2008

My Forthcoming Album Release . . .

(following the rules as set down here, hat tip Pastor Jeff)

My forthcoming album, just one track, 65 minutes of the sound of a bank of slot machines recorded from about 11:30pm to 12:35am as Friday turns into Sunday on the casino floor of Caesar's Vegas (unaltered, unedited, yet strangely hypnotic and musical).

BAND NAME: Caesar's Palace(disambiguation) the wiki link

ALBUM TITLE: Wanting What You've Got the quote

COVER ART: Alagados - ParanĂ¡ - Brazil the photo, uploaded by Mario Marcante

Next step, roadtrip to Caesar's Palace Las Vegas with recording device in my pocket and sit at the slots for 65 minutes, then post the album on a file sharing network and watch it take off like wildfire.

Normally I don't play the slots, but I don't think they'd like me sitting there for an hour not plunking in credits, so as a sacrifice for my art, I might. I would do an hour of the sounds of a sportsbook during a major sporting event (like next Sunday's NFC or AFC championship), but then you would run into copyright issues.

I could split the difference and sit at the edge of the sportsbook close to a bank of slots. Or I could stay mobile and stroll through the casino floor picking up an hour+ of sound that way.

Just fill up my non-existent tip jar with $500 and this album will happen for sure.

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