29 September 2007

RESULTS (Week Three) Weekly NFL Related Humiliation

That was a vexing week. San Diego isn't nearly as good as last year, and whatever is wrong with New Orleans won't be fixed soon, Chicago also let me down, and the Redskins collapsed late in a game they had won. Good thing I do these picks for entertainment purposes only.

San Diego 24 Green Bay 31
D'oh! San Diego sucks. Norv Turner keeps getting hired as a head coach for some reason, maybe after this season, no other team will be willing to make that mistake. On the bright side, Favre is playing really well, and Green Bay may be for real.

San Francisco 16 Pittsburgh 37
Woohoo! That was predictable, and I predicted it. The Steelers look better than their Superbowl year, but that may only be good enough to get them to the semi-finals in the stacked AFC. Don't see them beating Indianapolis or New England in the playoffs, but January is a long way off, so things can change. San Francisco may be the best team of the very mediocre NFC West, though, just not good enough to compete with a team like Pittsburgh.

New York Giants 24 Washington 17
D'oh! The Redskins had this game under control going in at halftime. The Giants looked like a team trying to get their coach fired, and then they scored 21 points unanswered in the 2nd half and possibly changed their entire season. If that 2nd half Giants team shows up every week, they could do well in the NFC East. The Redskins let this game slip away more than the Giants won it.

Dallas 34 Chicago 10
D'oh! I was right about one thing, Terrell Owens didn't get to do any touchdown dances, but he did rack up 145 yards on 8 catches, so he shouldn't be too upset about not scoring. Grossman was miserable enough to get himself benched this week. The Chicago defense couldn't overcome 4 turnovers by their woeful offense. Dallas appears to be the best team in the NFC, and look solid on both sides of the ball.

Tennessee 31 New Orleans 14
D'oh! The Saints aren't the same team as last season, everything that clicked last year, has fallen apart this season. Tennessee on the other hand appears to be one of those dangerous young teams that can beat any team, and lose to any team each week. Hopefully they won't get too many more televised games here, cause betting for or against them is a maddening prospect.

1-4 is pretty miserable, and my nemesis Bill Simmons did one better at 2-3. My cummulative total for the season 5-9-1, versus Bill Simmons more impresive 8-6-1, I'll catch him this upcoming Sunday, for sure.

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