27 September 2007

October . . ., It's Bloggeriffic!!!

Hereabouts, I going to make sure October is Bloggeriffic!!! All those daily and weekly features that I've toyed with over the years will return in earnest for the month of October. Daily LOL, Gobsmacking, and Unhinged Rants can be expected. Weekly Ain't Wrongs, Friday Funk Lyrics, and New Music Tuesdays can be expected as well. Also expect at least six new "Proposals" of a modest or immodest nature.

I haven't been blogging as much as I'd like, so I figure making a public declaration of a commitment to blogging more is the way to force myself to blog more. If traffic follows, great, if it doesn't, no big deal, the writing and digging around the news and other blogs for interesting stuff on which to comment will be its own reward (think of this as a subtle hint to link to my crap more often next month on your own blogs).


reader_iam said...

You go! Looking forward to it.

vh: vleffduo

No idea why that one struck me as quite fine, but it surely did enough to make me revive a now passe noting.

bill said...

I'll buy a bic lighter just so I can wave it over my head.