29 September 2007

Weekly NFL Related Humiliation (Week FOUR)

The first week of byes tend to produce crappier games available for viewing, this week is no exception. This is a dismal week for watching football in Los Angeles, guess I'm going to have to go out and enjoy another sunny day, instead.

Oakland at Miami (Oakland +4.0)
Seriously, this is worth televising? Oakland (1-2) managed to eek out their first victory last week using the same cheap trick that defeated them the previous week. Miami (0-3) is winless, but should have a good chance at changing that this week against an erratic Oakland team. I'm picking Oakland anyway, can't explain why, their defense is still looking pretty strong, and they ought to hold the crappy Miami offense under 10 points. As strange as it may sound, this actually is the best game available to CBS for the early game.

St. Louis at Dallas (Dallas -13.0)
St. Louis' (0-3) porous defense versus Dallas' (3-0) formidable offense. This won't even be close. They could make Dallas a two touchdown favorite and they'd still cover easily, good thing too, since they are a two touchdown favorite. Another game not worth tuning in to. Makes for a good morning to walk the dog, I suppose. Watching my dog urinate all over the neighborhood is bound to be more exciting than watching either of these early games.

Kansas City at San Diego (San Diego -12.0)
Kansas City (1-2) has looked pretty crappy, but so has San Diego (1-2). San Diego should be less crappy this week than they have in others, and even Norv Turner won't be able to figure out a way for this squad to lose to the Chiefs. Course I could be wrong, San Diego has been messing me up for two weeks in a row. I have a lot of trouble with the spread, but KC isn't very good, and despite being burned twice by them, I still can't fathom the Chargers' offense failing to put together a performance worthy their talent. So I pick them with a great deal of trepidation, knowing they'll probably burn me again, luckily KC is really, really bad.

Philadelphia at New York Giants (Philadelphia -3.0)
Philadelphia (1-2) looked great last week, but that was against Detroit, so it doesn't really count. New York (1-2) played well at the end of last week's game, but they might flip around and get back to trying to get Coughlin fired this week. I'm picking the Eagles, cause last week McNabb looked like he had his old spark, and their defense ought to be able to give Eli Manning fits.

New England at Cincinnati (New England -7.5)
New England (3-0)has appeard unstoppable. The Cincinnati (1-2) offense has looked fantastic, but their defense has been awful. They might manage to score over 40 against a very good New England defense, but only because they'll give up 70 to the New England offense. Surprised the spread isn't 21 points in this game instead of only 7.5, I guess since the Bengals are at home they're given some credit. That's just foolish.

My nemesis Bill Simmons (if I say it enough times it will be true, plus maybe if I yap at his heels long and loud enough, he'll link to me on his The Sports Guy blog) differs with me on the Oakland at Miami and Philly at NY games. I can get two games closer to overtaking him over the season, or slip further behind, my fate is in Culpepper's and McNabb's hands.


Icepick said...

[E]ven Norv Turner won't be able to figure out a way for this squad to lose to the Chiefs.

Wrong. I would have agreed with you prior to the game, though, so it's not like I'm claiming any credit for that. Who get's fired first: SD's head coach or their GM?

XWL said...

I don't get that team at all. Their offense is turning the ball over too often, that wasn't a problem last season.

They had the game under control at the half, then got stupid some how.

I'll split the difference and guess ownership will fire both the GM AJ Smith and Turner on the same day (and not until off season).