01 April 2007

April 1st Guest Post Number 08, Andrew Sullivan

Guest Post from the "Multiplicity of Viewpoints Collectively Known As" Andrew Sullivan

Hello fellow Conservatives. I'm taking a short break from my posts hosted by The Atlantic to speak to the readers of this blog (which XWL has kindly given me access to, today) who may not visit my rather modest blog.

It seems that some people have rejected my rejection of positions I previously held where I rejected the refusal of other people to agree with my disagreement regarding my puzzlement over people who seemed to agree with a position I previously held in which I seemed to have agreed with somebody who had been critical of a "fisking" I had offered on an article that had taken a previous article I had written to task regarding my own troubled admission that I had "evolved" beyond my previous views regarding the topic at hand.

I think I've been perfectly clear from the outset on this issue from the very start, so any confusion that people have had as I've tried to make the record straight (and I use that word reluctantly as I always suspect that people who set records "straight" are in some way attaching a 'heteronormative' layer to the idea of right or wrong), is clearly their own, and not caused by my own labryinthine route through my various positions regarding this very important issue. The people who are puzzled do so for their own political reasons, of that I'm sure. My position is sure to upset the Christianist who are trying to run this country and have undue influence over the sadly misguided Bush Administration, but I will gladly suffer their barbs as I know that my position is the right one to take. As I wrote in The Conservative Soul, "I know you are, but what am I?".

But in summary, just to clear the air, and to make sure that critics of me like the InstaSupporterofTORTURE can't miscontrue any future statements I may make on the subject, let this be the final word on this important subject:

The Pet Shop Boys are kinda gay (and that's why I love them).

PS: I use this YouTube video from the Pet Shop Boys below to ask my critics the very important question, "What Have I Done to Deserve This?"


Icepick said...

The Pet Shop Boys are kinda gay.


XWL said...

I'm surprised at Sully's fence sitting personally.

He's usually not afraid to take a strong stand (even when he takes the opposite position a week later).

I'm pretty sure that they aren't just "kinda" gay but they are fully gay (not that there's anything wrong with that).

Even gayer is the album they produced for Liza Minnelli, and I love that album, it's pretty terrific.