01 April 2007

April 1st Guest Post Number 07, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi

Guest comments straight from the "unblinking stare" of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi

Posting from DAMASCUS, Syria

I would like to address the good people of all the nations of the world as I visit the wonderful country of my dear friend President Bashar al-Assad. He's been a wonderful and gracious host, his country is a beacon of enlightened thought that should serve as an example for the rest of the region, the rest of the world even. Nobody with that weak of chin could ever be belligerent, right?

I have never met more happy an patriotic people than the people of Syria. We could learn a thing or two from them. Their country doesn't suffer from the partisan divide that we do in the United States. Their President listens to their Congress, and their Congress listens to their President. They all are moving in the same direction, and that's towards a brillliant and peaceful Syria. If only our President was as responsive and open as Assad, then we'd all be better off.

Syria has its share of problems, mostly brought on to them by their dastardly Israeli neighbors and our current peace hating Executive Branch. I will work hard at undermining our Executive's ability to continue to inflict harm on Syrians and the good freedom fighters they support. If my pull-out plan for Iraq were to be accepted, then Syria would be one of the first places to fill the power vacuum and help restore the order that our U.S. Military presence has upset within Iraq.

Why should we have one more U.S. Soldier, all of whom I love as dearly as I love my own children and grandchildren, face harm when the Syrians and Iranians would so kindly have their personnel fill the role that our troops now fill?

President Bush can't answer that question cause he knows that our troops no longer belong there. I trust that the Syrians and Iranians will continue to foster pluralism, democracy and rule of law in Iraq, just as they do in their own countries. I trust that Assad will continue to be an exemplar of enlightened and beneficent rule in this part of SW Asia. I don't trust our current President, I don't trust General Petraeus, I don't trust bloggers like Omar and Mohammed at Iraq the Model, I don't trust reporters like Bill Roggio or Michael Yon.

I've enjoyed my fact finding mission in this part of the world, and as I discover more and more facts with the help of the likes of the Syrian government, I am firmer than ever in my resolve to exploit President Bush's weakness and undermine his ability to govern at every opportunity.

It's the only thing I can do, it's the patriotic thing to do, it's my responsibility as a good citizen of the world.

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