01 April 2007

April 1st Guest Post Number 06, Dinesh D'Souza

Guest "pontifications" from Dinesh D'Souza

As I made clear in my recent book, The Enemy at Home, the left is responsible for everything bad that's happened in the past 30+ years. On this point there can be no dispute. The clash of civilizations we face today can be won in only one possible way.

To borrow a tactic from the left, we must "co-opt" the trappings of Islamic Fundamentalism to combat Islamic Fundamentalism. I too believe that women radiate mind altering hair rays, so obviously at a minimum all women must wear a scarf covering their hair, but preferably they should wear niqab, we will put into the law the requirement that women (and really effeminate young men like Sanjaya) keep their intoxicating hair rays covered in the presence of sexually mature males.

Our lack of modesty is just one of the things that has caused this clash of civilizations. Another aspect of our decadence is our (and despite my misgivings about many aspects of Western Culture, I still consider it my culture, and thus when speaking of it collectively, I use the pronouns "our" and "we") dependence on machines. We need to wean ourselves off of the use of so much technology. Ned Ludd had the right idea. Western Culture missed an opportunity for embracing purity over convenience when we chose not to follow his example and halt the spread of labor saving devices. All this labor saving has caused is more idle time. And we all know who finds work for idle hands.

Speaking of Idle Hands, it's films like that one which cause us to be hated, as well. I propose an office of ideological purity to review all films before, during and after production to ensure that product so damaging to the image of the United States and the West in general aren't made. I'm not yet convinced that Seth Green isn't the Anti-Christ. He's near the top of my list of possible candidates.

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