07 January 2007

RESULTS (Wildcard Weekend) Weekly NFL Related Humiliation

Original pick post here.

Should I be trite and write, "wildcard weekend was wild, indeed!"?

(don't answer that)

Kansas City 8 Indianapolis 23 Kansas City (+7.0)
Doh! The play calling on offense from KC was questionable. They did not make an attempt to enforce their will on the Indianapolis defense, and paid for it. Indianapolis had an excellent game defensively (so-so offensively), but it's hard to accept the huge transformation from the worst team against the run to a hard tackling run stopping juggernaut. The Ravens will eat this team alive. KC lost this game more than Indy won it.

Dallas 20 Seattle 21 Dallas (Dallas +3.0)
Woohoo! It's a subdued woohoo, really. Dallas had the game won, and it slipped through Romo's fingers. Great game to watch, though. Exciting finish, didn't work out for the Cowboys, but at least they covered the spread, and that's what's really important. Seattle showed flashes of the team that made it to last year's Superbowl, and if Grossman continues to struggle, could upset Chicago next week.

NY Jets 16 New England 37 (New England -8.0)
Woohoo! New England looked impressive in victory and countered everything the Jets tried to do on both sides of the ball. The hug seems to be big news, liked the way Belichick muscled the photographers out of the way to get at Mangini. New England played efficiently on both sides of the ball, and Brady had an excellent game. It will be much harder to look this good in sunny San Diego next week, though.

NY Giants 20 Philadephia 23 (NY Giants +7.0)
Woohoo! Another game where the losing team covered the spread. Neither team looked impressive, and after giving up a touchdown after having the Giants in 2nd and 30 on their game tying drive, it looked like Philly was in trouble. They pulled things together, gave their kicker a chance to win the game for them, and he came through. I'm still not buying Jeff Garcia as a QB to lead this team to playoff greatness. New Orleans ought to be able to end the Eagles' playoff run next week.

I was a respectable 3-1 against the spread, and would have been 4-0 if KC had used their advantages over Indy better, but it's a lot easier to coach from a keyboard then it is from the sidelines.

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