05 January 2007

Weekly NFL Related Humiliation (Playoffs!!! Wild Card Weekend)

Four games, all count, loser goes home, winner can still dream. Why can't they do this in college, too?


Kansas City at Indianapolis (-7.0) Kansas City (+7.0)
Larry Johnson and the KC offensive line versus the worst run defense in the league. No contest, I don't care if it's at the RCA Dome. Besides even if KC doesn't pull this off, it will be close. But I think KC will run away with this game (literally and figuratively).

Dallas at Seattle (-3.0) Dallas (+3.0)
This is a difficult game to predict. Neither team has played well of late, and both teams are coming in with mediocre records, but it's the playoffs, and Dallas has Parcells on the sideline. He'll find a way to squash all the turmoil, fingerpointing and general stupidity and get the Cowboys to play as a team, at least for one week. Seattle won't be repeating as NFC Champions, and they won't be making it past this weekend.


NY Jets at New England New England (-8.0)
I hate to do this, I really, really do, but I'm going to have to pick the Pats in this game. Both teams come into this game playing excellent football. Also, the Patriots home field advantage isn't as big when there's no snow on the ground and there's that global warming going around so there won't be a snowflake within hundreds of miles of Foxboro come game time. But I pick the Pats anyway, In Belichick I trust. He'll want to prove that his protege Mangini isn't yet a genius and I think that Bill will run up the score so that 8 point spread will be meaningless.

NY Giants at Philadelphia NY Giants (+7.0)
The Giants have looked awful for most of the past two months, and Philly has looked solid. So why pick the Giants? Cause they have the talent to win, they have to play better than their other games lately, and I can not in good conscience pick a team lead by Jeff Garcia to win a playoff game. It's not going to happen, not in this lifetime, I'm not saying he'll never win a playoff game, I'm just saying I'll never pick a team he leads in a playoff game. Sometimes no reason is reason enough.

For a bunch of playoff match ups, it's hard to get excited over these games. Every one of these games could be a blow out. But I'll be watching each game in all their HD glory, anyway. HDTV was made for NFL playoffs (as was beer, potato chips, and french onion dip).

I have reason to worry about these picks, other than picking NY Giants instead of Philly, my picks are the same as Joe Theismann's, ugggghh.

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I see you've surrendered to the dark side.