05 January 2007

RESULTS (Week SEVENTEEN) Weekly NFL Related Humiliation

The final weekly dose of humiliation for the NFL regular season. Here's hoping that the playoffs will largely be humiliation free. The original post is here.

NY Giants 34 Washington 28
Washington (+3.0)
Doh! If Tiki Barber had taken my advice and skipped this game, I would have been much better off. Saved his career game for his last regular season game. We'll see if he has a few more like that in him for the playoffs. It was still close at the end despite Barber's tremendous game. That doesn't bode well for the Giants' playoff hopes. The less said about the season the Redskins had the better.

St. Louis 41 Minnesota 21 Minnesota (+3.0)
Doh! I could have been more wrong, but not by much. I still believe that had the game counted for St. Louis after a Giants loss on Saturday that they would have played tight and lost this, but they had nothing to lose, and played well. The Rams might have a team to fear next year. Minnesota will continue to look better on paper than they do on the field.

Carolina 31 New Orleans 21 Carolina (-3.0)
Neither team had anything to play for and the Saints rested their stars, so the result was meaningless. But it was a meaningless result that I predicted correctly, woohoo! (of course my prediction assumed Carolina was playing for something, oh well). Carolina is another team that will improve next year, while the Saints were the feel good story of the year, and have a good chance of winning the franchise's second, third and maybe even fourth playoff game (In their entire previous history they have a grand total of one playoff win).

Atlanta 17 Philadelphia 24
Philadelphia (-9.0)
Doh! The right team won, but not by the right margin. Neither team had anything to play for, neither team fielded their best players. Philly gets ready to play this weekend, while Atlanta gets ready to hire a new head coach who won't be able to figure out how to utilize Michael Vick. Good Luck to the poor sap who takes the Falcon's job.

Green Bay 26 Chicago 7 Chicago (-3.0)
Doh! Chicago looks like the worst one seed in NFL playoff history. Rex Grossman was bad, really bad, totally sucktacular, an utter disaster, an Uwe Boll film bad. They'll get a week off and a home game to try and set things right. Green Bay looked good in defeat and Favre may be tempted to return next season. If so, the Packers should add some offensive line help and get him the protection he needs to be successful.

A fairly humiliating 1-4 overall, and I put most of the blame on Tiki Barber. Had he sat out the game, or not given it his full effort, then the Giants would have folded like the gutless wonders they've demonstrated themselves to be for most of the second half of the season. Oh well.

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