04 January 2007

Alright Then, The ICK Party It Shall Be

Guest poster Echidne over at Eschaton had this request,

Would it be too difficult for all you conservatives to stop dropping the "ic" at the end of the Democratic party? It's like that Obama-Osama thingy. Probably just an oversight, but as we are now all civil and courteous, how about fixing this little irritation?

Seems reasonable to me. From now on I'll refer to Democrats as representatives of the "Ick Party".

That works on so many levels, that I am truly thankful for the suggestion.

This whole bipartisanship might work after all.

Speaking of the Ick Party, did you see Grandma Pelosi invite all the children to touch her gavel?

Gender does make a difference, if Denny Hastert had a bunch of children fondling his 'gavel', I think the public reaction would have been completely different (I'm waiting for the Timberlake/Sandberg video, "Gavel in a Box").

Also, I call the new Speaker of the House Grandma Pelosi, not to demean her or 'put her in her place', but because that's how she presented herself at the end of her speeches on her first official day on the job.

Do I think it's a cynical attempt to swath herself in 'Family Values' and distance herself from the label 'San Francisco Liberal'?

(Despite the year only being four days old, will the above question remain the most rhetorical question of 2007?)

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