03 January 2007

What Do You Do? Me, I Nitpick . . .

That describes most bloggers pretty well, but in this LAT article (front page of the Business section, with a big photo no less) the nits being picked aren't figurative.

Unlike the LATimes, I link to businesses when talking about them (to pick my own figurative nit).


vbspurs said...

As the second link says, finding lice in one's children's hair must be very traumatic.

I once read an opinion by a medical doctor who said that he believed rich kids were more susceptible to lice, since it's a well-known fact that cleaner hair is a magnet for lice.

Nice to know Docs can have social hangups and spew erroneous info, just like the rest of us.

Victoria (The once and Future MD...)

evan said...

I am one of the owners of Lousey Nitpickers, the company featured in the LA Times article. Thanks for including the link to our website. In spite of the Times leaving out much of our contact information, we have had tremendous response as there are a lot of desperate and frustrated families out there. The Denver Post just picked up and ran the article yesterday, so I won't be surprised if we start receiving calls from Colorado as well.