22 October 2006

RESULTS (Week SEVEN) Weekly NFL Related Humiliation

Sorry Sip, I wasn't 0-4, instead I went 1-2-1 thanks to a Falcons victory and a push by the Bengals. Still humiliating enough to earn the title to these posts.

At least I didn't pick the easy games, Jacksonville's a sure thing, right?

Also, I'm very disappointed in the Oakland Raiders. They had a really good chance at the first perfect 0-16 record, and they blew it. Congratulations to the '76 Bucs, your 0-14 is still the gold standard of futility. Also, keep Dennis Green away from sharp objects for the next few weeks.

Now the results, I'll just link the original rather than cut & paste.

Pick: Cincinatti (-3) Result Carolina 14 Cincinatti 17 [push]
Cincinatti looked awful in there first few drives. Took them well into the 2nd Quarter to to better than 3 and out, but Carolina failed to capitalize, and Palmer got it going in the end, plus an end zone interception with 3:50 left (Delhomme's first in his career inside the 10 yard line) sealed the victory for Cincy and the push for those that bet on them.

Pick: Atlanta (+3) Result Pittsburgh 38 Atlanta 41 [woohoo!]
Not the low scoring affair I predicted. Also, despite two picks, Vick got it done more with his arm than with his legs (4 passing TDs), though the two together are what make him explosive. Pittsburgh is in trouble, they've dug a big hole from themselves, they now have to struggle to make the playoffs, let alone contend for a second straight championship.

Pick: Seattle (-6.5) Result Minnesota 31 Seattle 13 [doh!]
On the bright side, no late game lapses for the Seattle defense, on the dark side, the game was already over, so the Vikings weren't trying too hard in the 4th Quarter. Could the Vikings actually be a good team this year?

Pick: Washington (+8) Result Washington 22 Indianapolis 36 [doh!]
This game (and my pick) looked good for about a half, then the 3rd Quarter came around. The score is actually closer than the game was, that's how bad this went for the Skins. Stick a fork in them, they are done. You've found your Thanksgiving Turkeys a month early and they wear Redskins uniforms. The Colts looked good, but this game can't be looked at as an indication of their talent level. Still they are one of two remaining undefeated teams, so they look on track for another inexplicable flame out during the AFC playoffs (or not).

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