21 October 2006

Restaurant Photoblogging





If I am going somewhere I'm grabbing my camera. I'm addicted to photoblogging, and I'm not ready to head to a 12 step group to break myself of this addiction.

After seeing The Prestige, went to gr/eats to chow down on some delicious Shrimp Tempura with Soba. It was the daily special, and it was good.

Took some shots (the set here) of the interior, and exterior of the place, it was deserted but for myself, my friend, and the staff (consisting of one waiter and one chef as far as I could tell). Maybe they're more of a night place.

The thing you notice most in the place, besides its miniscule size, is the Ai Yamaguchi painting on wood that hangs near the entrance. It's a fantastic (and kinda creepy) painting. My photos don't do it justice. She's brilliant. Giant Robot (the gr in gr/eats) sells some Ai Yamaguchi stuff.

And because it's a bloggy blog world, here are the two blogs of the owners of gr/eats, Eric Nakamura and Martin Wong (who I now am jealous of since he attended this week's Pogues show at the Wiltern, and I didn't (and since when did Reuters start doing concert reviews?)).

Plus here are links to an LA Weekly and an LA.com review of the place.

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