21 October 2006

Weekly NFL Related Humiliation (Week SEVEN)

Nearly forgot my weekly dose of NFL related humiliation. Can't not make picks on four games and then cry about how I was almost right on all of them a few days later.

I'm going to let Joe Theismann be my guide towards which contests to hazard picks upon. His games to watch this week are the four which I'm making my picks for. Also, the Monday Night football team has to be the worst NFL broadcast team on nationally run contests since they've been televising football. Kornheiser must go! Mr. Theismann isn't any better, and poor Mike Tirico is fine, but he alone can't save that mess. During the game last week, Charles Barkley was fantastic, I say put Charles in charge, pair him with Tirico, and forego any ex-NFL players in the booth. Go with a lean, mean two man team (yeah, yeah, I know, any team with Charles shouldn't be described as lean). The lines, this time, are from Vegasinsider.com and Leroy's sportsboook. Leroy's in downtown looks the way a sportsbook ought to look, shady, disreputable, tinged with despair, and with a whiff of desperation.

Pittsburgh at Atlanta (+3)
The bookmakers and Joe Theismann assume that Pittsburgh is back, and will win a tough battle on the road. I'm not buying what they're selling. Atlanta is close to being an awfully good team. Their defense will rattle Big Ben, and the Steelers defense likes to gamble, Vick will make them pay for their gambles (most likely through his legs and not his arms, though). Low score, tightly contested game, but Atlanta will prevail. Atlanta (+3)

Carolina at Cincinatti (-3)
Steve Smith has been amazing, and Carolina can't lose with him in the game. Cincinatti has a had a couple of games where they looked great, and a couple where they've looked awful. Earlier this year, I was ready to put them in the AFC title game against Indianapolis. I expect to see that Bengals team show up this week. The Panther's Steve Smith inspired win streak will end in Cincinatti on Sunday. Cincinatti (-3)

Minnesota at Seattle (-6.5)
The Seahawks are almost a touchdown favorite against the Vikings. The Seahawks have only lost once this season (and to Chicago), but have been unimpressive in most of their games. They are still missing Alexander, and their defense had some big lapses late in the game against St. Louis last week. Minnesota on the other hand looks even worse, and are on the road. Seattle will control this game from start to finish and not allow late scores to screw up what should be an easy victory like they did last week. Seattle (-6.5)

Washington at Indianapolis (-8.0)
This is a game to watch? I guess if you are a former Redskin it is. Indianapolis is undefeated, and the Skins are 2-4. Should be an easy pick then, right? Wrong, the Colts are 2-2-1 against the spread and have played down to their opponents level in most every game this season. For the Redskins to entertain any post season thoughts, they must win this game. Whereas the Colts have been looking like a team ready to lose for a few weeks now, yet managing to win anyway. I think the Colts luck will run out, or at least Washington will stay within a touchdown, so I'm going to do the insane thing and pick DC. Washington (+8)

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SippicanCottage said...

There's a fairly large chance that you've picked these exactly wrong. That's hard to do.

Let's go to Vegas, and you can be my "Opposite George Costanza."