21 October 2006

Rep. Duncan Hunter, You Ain't Wrong . . .

(via TVNewser)

This post's title doesn't mean I'll be doing You Ain't Wrong Weekends again.

But, he comes down hard on CNN regarding their broadcasting of terrorists supplied propaganda depicting snipers killing our troops (still up on their website here)

Now, some folks got huffy when I called reporter Michael Ware a person who joined the other side and wasn't just being impartial, but was actively supporting the bad guys.

The CBS Public Eye column even used my post to illustrate the bloodthirsty crazed Bush apologists and their rancorous and wrong-headed rhetoric.

Well, guess which reporter received the controversial footage.

What's that? Got it in one, I thought you would, of course it was the previously mentioned Michael Ware, and he is still one of those 'against us'. He has crossed the line, once again, and either hates the coalition enough where he gladly undermines our cause, or he is clueless enough where he is allowing himself to be manipulated by folks who would love to see him, his entire family, everyone he ever knew back in Australia, and everyone who looks like him, dead, dead and dead again.

Both probabilities are horrible, both are good enough grounds for him to be expelled from Iraq, barred permanently from entering the United States, and any news organization that hires him should face public humiliation and severe shunning.

He disgusted me before, he already exceeded my capacity to be disgusted by someone, yet with his actions he has made a valiant effort to increase my capacity for disgust.

Asshole. I do not hate people easily, and I hate being driven to hating someone, but Mr. Ware, you've earned my sincerist and fiercest hatred.

CNN's new motto, "A tradition of employing anti-American assholes".

For CNN's side of the story, read this.

(I link, cause, frankly, they look even worse in their explanation than I can ever make them look in hurling epithets at them)

I said it last time, and I'll say it this time, these actions aren't treasonous, but they are treason's closest cousin.

Michael Ware, and the CNN producers who choose to employ him and air footage he 'obtains', are treacherous and display an antipathy towards our troops that is as murderous as the hatred from the insurgents, and given the privilege and position they enjoy because of those Armed Forces that they so obviously hate, is far, far more disgusting.

Peter Arnett, Eason Jordan, and now this. Isn't it obvious whose side these folks at CNN are on by now?

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