29 October 2006

RESULTS (Week EIGHT) Weekly NFL Related Humiliation

Since I added the Monday night contest to the games I'm picking, the full results won't be in until late Monday. But might as well discuss the first four games now.

The original week 8 pick post is here. The results so far 3-1, woohoo! Only the Bengals let me down. UPDATE: woohoo! 4-1 total, not bad at all (more below)

Pick: Baltimore +2 Results: Baltimore 35 New Orleans 22
On the one hand, Drew Brees threw 5 touchdowns this game, one problem, 2 of them were to Ravens rookie CBs. Also, Reggie Bush threw one interception, and lost a fumble, so he didn't help much in this game, either. Had New Orleans played mistake free ball, they might have had a chance, but when playing against the Ravens defense, mistakes happen. McNair looked sharp again, if Baltimore manages to do anything at all when they have the ball, they automatically become one of the best teams in football.

Pick: Cincinatti -3.5 Results: Atlanta 29 Cincinatti 27
An excellent individual performance from Michael Vick, both as a passer and as a runner. Carson Palmer looked good, too, but came up short. I still don't understand going for the 2 point conversion in the 3rd quarter while up by 6, but whatever, they won, so Atlanta's coach got away with being stupid. The only pick I've missed so far, but Cincinatti had an opportunity to win this and if they held Atlanta from converting a few more 3rd and longs, this game would have gone very differently.

Pick: San Diego -10 Results: St. Louis 24 San Diego 38
San Diego was unstoppable in this game. As predicted LT was unstoppable against a poor tackling St. Louis defense. Teams don't often lose when getting 183 yards rushing from their RB. Rivers turned in another solid performance, and San Diego's defense was solid. St. Louis didn't play poorly, they just faced an excellent team on the road and came up short.

Pick: Indianapolis +2.5 Results Indianapolis 34 Denver 31
It's hard to pick against Denver at home, but it's harder still to pick against the Colts. Good thing I went with the Colts. Great team, but they don't yet look like a team that can withstand the pressure of the playoffs. Denver played much better on offense than they have all season, so despite the loss, they should be encouraged that they can beat just about any other team in the league.

Bonus Coverage: Raiders Win! Raiders Win! Two in a row. Are they on their way to a 11-5 season? (hell no). Pittsburgh looked terrible, I said last week that they don't look like they'll make the playoffs, that looks even more certain now. That fella with the chin is going to have to coach his head off to turn this season around. And Big Ben should have sat this one out. When your team holds the opponent to 98 yards total offense, and loses by a touchdown, then you know something went very wrong with your own offense. Pittsburgh's defense might be able to keep them in playoff contention, but their offense seems determined to keep them out of the playoffs.


Pick: New England -2 Results: New England 31 Minnesota 7
Ho Hum, another great performance by Tom Brady, another outstanding game from New England's defense. I know they are a great team, but I don't have to like them. I never liked the Jordan lead Chicago Bulls, either. Belichick will probably make the entire special teams squad run extra laps for giving up a punt return for a TD, he has to have something to be upset about, or he wouldn't feel coach-like enough. Seems like NFL Head Coach has become the most joyless high profile job in all of sport.

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