29 October 2006

Normally You Have to Read at Least the Entire First Sentence to Detect the Bias

(hat tip Instapundit)

So the NYT does a piece about the job that Tony Snow is doing as White House Press Secretary.

Good for them, he's been excellent, he deserves attention.

But when you have a "journalist" and "editors" who feel it's OK to start a piece with this sentence fragment

"The White House, like any castle"

Someone who doesn't hate Pres. Bush, who doesn't think he's King George II, The Selected, would even contemplate referring to the White House as a "castle".

To even think of that phrase to start your piece suggests that you are a DailyKos addict and find the forums at MyDD to be reasonable.

For a paper that has trouble referring to terrorists as terrorists, they find it amazingly easy to refer to the Bush Administration as an Imperial Presidency (a phrase that seemed not to exist before President George W. Bush took office).

The White House is America's home where the democratically elected leader of all the folks of the United States resides. To use the term "castle" which suggests an entire constellation of undemocratic meanings, is to suggest that the President is undemocratic.

It's the people's house, show the White House, the Presidency, and the current President the respect the office deserves.

Or don't, but if you don't, don't expect anyone other than American-hating crazies to listen to what you have to say.

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