27 October 2006

And This is the Part They're Outraged About?

In a South Park episode with Satan acting like a girl planning her Super Sweet 16 party, you have Biggie Smalls in hell (but no Tupac), Gandhi in hell, Princess Diana in hell, George Burns in hell, Dahmer, Gacy, and Bundy as a slightly (and I emphasize slightly) more murderous and violent Three Stooges (with Columbia title cards and theme tune even) and to top it all off, what appears to be the entire Roman Catholic hiearchy of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles (including a recognizable Cardinal Mahoney) acting like a jealous group of school girls, and oh, by the way many of the priests have naked prepubescent boys on leashes.

None of the above is considered beyond the pale. All of that is fair game, but they made fun of Steve Irwin!!!

Now that's a cause for outrage!!!!!!!

First they take away Vegemite from Australian ex-pats in the United States(turns out nothing to see here folks, the original poorly sourced and mostly anecdotal story that ignited a thousand anti-American message boards, was basically totally made up) and now this.

This could shake the very foundation of our grand global Anglophonic Alliance.

Noticeably lacking from all the proceedings in this episode that piled outrage upon outrage, a single person recognizable as a Muslim.

In some ways the fact that they can continue to attack the Roman Catholic church and seem resigned to ignoring Islam speaks volumes about many, many different things.

The episode is hilarious by the way. Best. Episode. Ever. Almost.

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Colleen said...

No Tupac, because Tupac isn't really dead, right? I wasn't offended, and thought that actually, by South Park standards, the Steve Irwin bit was tasteful, considering what they could have done.