26 October 2006

Zero To High Dudgeon in One Question

First, I've always liked the phrase, "in high dudgeon", looked up what dudgeon actually means, the phrase doesn't actually make much sense anymore and should have long ago fallen out of favor, but it persists, kept alive by freaks like me.

Second, who am I claiming can go from zero to high dudgeon in one question?

I bet if I told you it's a big time blogger I'm talking about you'd get it within five guesses.

Hugh Hewitt interviewed the ever excitable Andrew Sullivan, and much unintentional comedy ensues. I only listened to the first part of the almost 2 hour interview, it's enough.

(quick to claim martyrdom, with Andrew Sullivan you'd be wise to always expect the Spanish Inquisition)

Also, the first part of Mr. Sullivan's interview also includes delightful (and short) interviews with Christopher Hitchens and Lynne Cheney. Lynne's book sounds like a worthy stocking stuffer, and well, as I said already, I'd Gay Marry Mr. Hitchens, so my feelings about him are obvious.

Just for the record, I wouldn't want to Gay Marry Andrew Sullivan (Gay Marrying a gay man presents problems I'm not prepared to deal with), or Hugh Hewitt, they both have a habit of the wrong kind of stridency in my opinion. After hearing the first bit of the Hewitt-Sullivan tete a tete, you should do yourself a favor and check out the parody version committed by Hugh Hewitt with the help of the ever clever James Lileks (whom I would also Gay Marry, but he falls outside my top five. Also Lileks references the whole mess at the end of this edition of The Bleat).

My advice to both Mr. Hewitt and Mr. Sullivan, drop this and move on, you'll both become insufferable very quickly on this subject if you aren't careful.

How many posts am I going to keep talking about Gay Marrying various men?

Until it stops amusing me personally, I'm not there yet. But soon.

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