07 April 2010

Random Thought, Terry Crews Edition...

Catching the new batch of Old Spice Bodywash ads featuring topless Terry Crews, has reaffirmed my belief that this man needs to be a regular on Saturday Night Live.

They've never had a black actor on the show who could play both intimidating and funny at the same time. They've all been skinny, with Kenan being the sole exception to the skinny black dude rule, but he's rolly-polly, and not at all physically imposing.

They've never had a physically imposing guy on the show in general, so a non-wimp brings a great range of comic possibilities that they haven't had a chance to explore.

They'd run into trouble if all he did was menacing type roles, but with his looks, him in a bow-tie playing a milquetoast would be just as funny as him being the angry scary guy.

Hire him already Lorne Michaels, the show needs him, desperately. Also, he'd make a great Michelle Obama...

(also, I still say they need to go and get Seth Green, too, pairing big ass Terry Crews with tiny ass Seth Green opens up a myriad of comic possibilities)

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