24 August 2006

SNL Shake Up

The internets is not exactly abuzz, but a few folks at a few places are discussing the reports that things are being shaken up at SNL.

I haven't been able to watch an entire episode for a few years. Sketches that draaaaaaaaaaaaag are the biggest problem.

So why post about it?

Cause the casting trim rumors got me thinking about who I'd cast if I had the chance to cast any comedians and comic actors of middling fame.

I think eleven people are plenty to cast, so here are my eleven folks who should be the ultimate (yet within the realm of possibility) SNL.

1. Seth Green. He kicks a lot of ass, he hasn't been in very many good films, but he's always good himself. Plus his Robot Chicken packs more funny in 12 minutes than SNL does in 90, so if he brings some of that sensibility to the writing of SNL, it would be a huge improvement.

2. Cloris Leachman. She's a great comic actor, been around forever, and I think she still has the stamina to handle the pace of the show. Plus, most sketches can be made funnier with old ladies speaking in accents.

3. Kal Penn. He's Kumar for chrissakes! The show's never had a South Asian as a cast member, it's about time that they did. Plus, dude's funny.

4. Allison Hannigan. She's Willow for chrissakes! She can do no wrong, can play goofy, or hot, sweet or kinky, smart or dumb, all with ease. A sketch show requires this sort of versatility.

5. Terry Crews. Plays the dad on Everybody Hates Chris. Has great timing, and think of the comic possibilities inherent in pairing his big blackness with Seth Green's tiny whiteness.

6. Alia Shawkat. She's Maeby for chrissakes! Another comic actor with great timing and delivery. Very young, but I think she's got the talent to be something special given the right writers.

7. Tommy Chong. I don't think he's all that busy right now, and well, he's Tommy Chong.

8. Gabrielle Union. You need your smoking hot chick who nevertheless is also willing to be goofy. She'll do nicely.

9. Dave Foley. You need your semi-anonymous doughy white guy. Plus he has sketch show experience, and he can be really funny either in a deadpan style, or goofy.

10. Margaret Cho. Not known for her acting, but an excellent stand-up. She would bring a different dimension to the show compared to the other proposed cast members.

11. Bob Saget. Enough said, really. (plus dude can be crazy filthy)

I think you could make a watchable show week in and week out with that cast. It will never happen, but it's always nice to dream.

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