24 August 2006

"the public corporation and its norm of shareholder wealth maximization" (and how to make it sexy)

The sexy's my addition, the rest is all Prof. Bainbridge.

What could be sexier than a post combining economics, law, and the entertainment industry (been here all my life, so have to fight the habit of calling that particular industry just 'the industry')?

The concept he's talking about is important, though. The next time some clueless damn dirty hippie talks about eeeevil corporations, and 'the man', remind them that corporations are just a collection of shareholders, and rather than complaining, buy into these eeeevil corporations if you want them to change their practices.

The collective greed of a shareholding public, is good, and can only increase efficiencies across all human endeavors.

Meanwhile, local government workers go on strike cause they are jealous of other local government workers' recent raises.

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