26 October 2009

RESULTS: Weekly NFL Related Humiliation: Week 7

The Picks:

San Diego Chargers (-4.5) over KANSAS CITY CHIEFS (BS: KC)
Minnesota Vikings (+4.0) over PITTSBURGH STEELERS (BS: MIN)
Atlanta Falcons (+4.0) over DALLAS COWBOYS (BS: ATL)
NEW YORK GIANTS (-7.0) over Arizona Cardinals (BS: ARI)
Philadelphia Eagles (-7.0) over WASHINGTON REDSKINS (BS: PHI)


San Diego Chargers 37 (3-3), Kansas City Chiefs 7 (1-6) (Woohoo!)
Blowout win by the Chargers on the road against a division rival. Would have meant more had they pulled off this feat this past Monday against the undefeated Broncos rather than the lowly Chiefs. If this version of the Bolts shows up again the rest of the season, they have a chance to catch Denver, but hard to trust them.

Minnesota Vikings 17 (6-1), Pittsburgh Steelers 27 (5-2) (D'oh)
Minnesota drops their first game, and the Steelers quietly move up to 5-2, despite looking mediocre in most of their games. Both offenses struggled, each producing a single TD in the game, but a 77 yd fumble return for a TD, and an 82 yd TAINT (touchdown after INT) by Pittsburgh in the fourth quarter made up for their offensive ineptitude. Minnesota dominated the game statistically on offense (386 total yards to 259), but couldn't overcome those turnovers. Still don't think the Steelers will make the playoffs, and still expect Minnesota to make it to the NFC Championship, but they'll have to take care of the ball, and do a better job with scoring in the red zone (1-5 against Pittsburgh).

Atlanta Falcons 21 (4-2), Dallas Cowboys 37 (4-2) (D'oh)
Atlanta's secondary made Tony Romo look brilliant. Won't get easier for the Falcon's defense as they're traveling to New Orleans on Monday. If Tony Romo can pick them apart, then Drew Brees will anihilate them. Wouldn't get too excited about Dallas just yet, they're still decidedly mediocre.

Arizona Cardinals 24 (4-2), New York Giants 17 (5-2) (D'oh)
On the bright side for the Giants, they were terrible, yet had a chance to tie the game in the 4th quarter, before Manning let loose his 3rd INT. Arizona aren't looking like a team that's likely to make it back to the Superbowl, but they have to feel good about their chances to keep their division lead in the weak NFC West.

Philadelphia Eagles 27 (4-2), Washington Redskins 17 (2-5) (Woohoo!)
Despite the score, the Eagles stole this game. Their offense was inept, producing zero trips inside the red zone, but they got TDs on a trick play, a long pass play, and a TAINT. Had the Redskins defense shown a bit more discipline and prevented a few big plays, they could have ground out a 14-6 win. The Redskins have a lot of talent, but when 17 points is the best your team can manage (3 times, all losses), can't expect too many victories.

Mostly a lousy week of football. Bill Simmons tweeted a link to this Matt Youmans column about the bookmakers getting beaten up by the bettors because of all the blowouts on Sunday. The way I pick which games to pick (the televised games), means that most of these horrible teams aren't part of my five picks, so I don't get the benefit of fattening up my record with obvious picks against St. Louis, Tampa Bay, and Cleveland.

Another bad week of picks, totals up to a 2-3 week for me, and an equally bad 2-3 week for My Nemesis, Bill Simmons. For the season, I fall to 14-21 while Bill Simmons total is slightly less impressive than last week, but still decent at 22-13.

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