23 October 2009

Weekly NFL Related Humiliation: Week 7, The Picks

BS Picks: (in a sidebar, the column is part 1 of his NBA preview, part 2, here)

My picks (home teams, ALL CAPS)

San Diego Chargers (-4.5) over KANSAS CITY CHIEFS (BS: KC)
Minnesota Vikings (+4.0) over PITTSBURGH STEELERS (BS: MIN)
Atlanta Falcons (+4.0) over DALLAS COWBOYS (BS: ATL)
NEW YORK GIANTS (-7.0) over Arizona Cardinals (BS: ARI)
Philadelphia Eagles (-7.0) over WASHINGTON REDSKINS (BS: PHI)

It's an almost all road team week with my picks (the exception being the GIANTS on Sunday Night). San Diego can't be as bad as they looked recently, and the Chiefs are one of the bottom six teams in the league, so even if the Chargers suck, they don't suck so hard where they can't beat up on the lowly Chiefs. Minnesota will maintain their spot in the unbeaten club as they slip by a so-so and unmotivated championship team, that previous year Superbowl hangover is a tough thing to fight. Recent NFL history is full of stinker seasons the year after Superbowl success (New England, the exception in 2004 when they repeated). Atlanta ought to be able to make easy work of Dallas. Arizona will struggle more than the Giants will in foul weather at the Meadowlands, though Eli's history with wind makes this a riskier pick than at first glance. Monday night brings a stinky bit of NFC East craptacularity. The Redskins have given up, they want their coach fired, and they'll make a solid case for it when they fall by more than 3 TDs to their division rival, Eagles.


Trooper York said...

How can you pick AJ's Eagles. Don't you know every Philly team is going to go down to defeat!!!!!

Trooper York said...

I like the Steelers though.

I here Ben has a date with Steve Phillips friend so he might be relaxed for the game. Just sayn'