27 October 2009

BLOGTOBER 2009: Music Reviews (19 of 22) Wolfmother, Cosmic Egg

Above, the video for New Moon Rising from Wolfmother's latest, Cosmic Egg.

It's a fine album, even after a major line-up change, the same Wolfmother formula comes through. The songs are propulsive, hard, and perfect for when you want some uncomplicated metal noisiness in your life.

The Deluxe edition is 16 songs of crunchy chorded goodness (double CD in physical media, but if you follow the above link you can buy the mp3 download for the same price as the 8 song version, so go ahead and treat yourself to the extra album of material). None of the songs are exactly essential, but none of them are throwaways, either. It might have been tighter as a single 10 or 11 track CD, but the I wouldn't be able to decide which tracks to cut, so I'm glad they just put them out there for folks to hear.

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