27 October 2009

Your Daily Photo (Some Photos Move Edition)

After my fever broke, I headed out to the backyard to try out taking short video clips with my camera mounted to a monopod. Results vary, even with a monopod, it's difficult to be steady enough to shoot unshaky shots with a telephoto lens. Still, it looks pretty good in 720p, and when I was in focus, it's sharp. Flickr has a limit of 90 seconds per clip, as their philosophy on hosted video clips is that they are more of a photo+ deal, rather than a real video service like YouTube.

And anybody tells you all the bees have died, are full of crap, they aren't all dead, there are plenty buzzing around the groundcover in my backyard.


Trooper York said...

Dude make sure you do plenty of liquids and rest to get over that flu. Don't dehydrate yourself, that is very very dangerous!

Trooper York said...

I hope you weren't watching the Clippers last night because then you would of puked up all of the rest of you liquids and then where would you be?

XWL said...

I'm good, and the Clippers are going to be entertaining this year, even without Blake Griffin for six weeks.

If teams were forced to only play players under the age of 25, then the Clippers would be title contenders.