05 October 2009

RESULTS: Weekly NFL Related Humiliation: Week 4

The Picks:

Baltimore Ravens (+1.5) over NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS (BS BAL)
Dallas Cowboys (-3) over DENVER BRONCOS (BS DEN)
PITTSBURGH STEELERS (-6.5) over San Diego Chargers (BS SD)
MINNESOTA VIKINGS (-3.5) over Green Bay Packers (BS GB)

The Results

Baltimore Ravens 21 New England Patriots 27 (D'oh)
Clayton catches that ball, and Baltimore has a chance to win, but that's not what happened, and the Ravens shouldn't have been in position to scramble back for a win in the fourth quarter in the first place. Even though New England won, still think they're not a lock for the playoffs, and Baltimore still looks like one of the better, if not best, teams in the league right now. Sometimes better teams lose to merely good teams when they make mistakes.

New York Giants 27 Kansas City Chiefs 16 (Woohoo!)
M'eh. Didn't watch any of this, just don't care about the Giants, and with an injury to Manning. If he can play on it, they'll be good, if he can't, or if he plays but less effectively, they're screwed. Time will tell.

Dallas Cowboys 10 Denver Broncos 17 (D'oh)
This Broncos team is 4-0. Really? Really?!? OK, I guess I have to accept that fact, but I don't have to like it, or give them much credit. Do they know that Kyle Orton is their QB? Another game altered by a drop on a catchable 4th down ball late in the 4th quarter. Dallas did everything but put the ball in the endzone all day. They've got some problems against teams that aren't horrible. Have to keep that in mind if they end up playing any more TV games shown in the LA market.

San Diego Chargers 28 Pittsburgh Steelers 38 (Woohoo!)
This looked like a rout at halftime (at 21-0), but then the Chargers woke up. Too little, too late, but made for a touch of excitement in an otherwise lackluster game. San Diego will still catch Denver and win their division, and Pittsburgh will still struggle this season and miss the playoffs, that's my story and I'm sticking too it (at least for a few more weeks).

Green Bay Packers 23 Minnesota Vikings 30 (Woohoo!)
Favre 24/31 271 yards, 3TDs, 0 INT. Damn, that's good for an old guy. "All Day" did not have a great game (Peterson- 25 carries, 55 yards, and a fumble for a TD as the ball was ripped from his grasp), but that didn't slow down the Vikings too much as Favre had his best game as a Viking. The Vikings defense was too much for the Green Bay offensive line to handle, and that was the difference in this game, as Rodgers had an almost great game, too (384 yards, but 1 int, 1 lost fumble, and 1 safety didn't help).

A mediocre 3-2 performance by me, while Bill Simmons was an even more mediocre 2-3. Brings my season total to a perfectly mediocre 10-10, while Bill Simmons drops down a touch to a slightly better than mediocre 12-8.

I'm done with mediocrity, next week I'll bring some spectacularity to my picks.

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