02 October 2009

Weekly NFL Related Humiliation: Week 4, The Picks

BS Picks:

My Picks (home team ALL CAPS)

Baltimore Ravens (+1.5) over NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS (BS BAL)
Dallas Cowboys (-3) over DENVER BRONCOS (BS DEN)
PITTSBURGH STEELERS (-6.5) over San Diego Chargers (BS SD)
MINNESOTA VIKINGS (-3.5) over Green Bay Packers (BS GB)

Four games probably worth watching, and a game involving the Chiefs. Fox actually probably made the best call for their early game, since the rest are even less watchable than the debacle that will be Giants at Chiefs. Giants will be up by two TDs by half, and then grind Kansas City to a pulp in the 4th quarter.

The other early game, Ravens at Pats has possibilities, but the Ravens look too strong, and the Pats look too vulnerable on both sides of the ball to compete against the best team in the league.

The afternoon game pits the undefeated Broncos, at home trying to get to 4-0 against a shaky Cowboys team. Broncos lucked into their only win against a quality opponent and now they get a brutal stretch of games against Pats, Bolts, Ravens, Steelers, Skins, Bolts, Giants. Savor being 3-0 Broncos fans, because after Thanskgiving your team will be 5-7 at best, with a real shot at being 3-9.

If the Chargers were capable of playing up to their talent level, they'd win, but they're not, and they'll choke with the Sunday Night spotlight on them, the game will be surprisingly not close as the Steelers will win by at least two TDs.

That brings us to Monday Night, which probably will go down as the most watched event in ESPN history. 18.3 million watched Dallas-Philadelphia last year, and Favre vs Packers ought to beat that by at least 10 million viewers. It will mainly be the Adrian "All Day" Peterson show, with Favre passing for less than 200 yards, but that will lead to an easy Vikings victory.

Looks like a lot of other people noticed that Baltimore and New Orleans were under appreciated with regards to their Conference and Superbowl odds, last week Baltimore was at 15/2 for the AFC and 18/1 for the Superbowl, this week they're the AFC favorites at 3/1 and the Superbowl favorites at 6/1. As far as New Orleans go, they were at 10/1 and 20/1 but this week they are the NFC favs at 3/1 and tied for 2nd choice (with the Pats) for the Superbowl at 13/2.

Should have kept my mouth shut about that (given that I didn't put in a bet for myself), I guess, turns out these little Weekly Humiliation posts can move massive amounts of betting dollars (either that, or it was the impressive way both those teams made it to 3-0 last week).

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chickenlittle said...

Gonna have to disagree with you on that Vikes v. G.B. call. Not to scare you or anything, but sporting event results do tend to change when I tune in.