02 October 2009

BLOGTOBER 2009: Music Reviews (02 of 22) Selena Gomez and the Scene, Kiss and Tell

What the hell am I doing listening to a Selena Gomez album? Well, in my defense, the review on Zune.net suggests it's a solid piece of pop fluff, so seems worth a sample. Here's a quote from the review by Tim Sendra of AllMusic, "Kiss & Tell is a work of near-genius modern pop that shows off Gomez's light but surprisingly soulful vocals in a near-perfect setting."

Don't come across near-genius modern pop very often.

After giving this album a try, I actually have to agree. That whole Disney machine really know what they're doing. If I were in an ungenerous mood, I might suggest that this is what happens when you combine that Disney machinery with a singer who can actually sing (unlike her stablemate, Miley Cyrus). Below is the video for the first single, Falling Down

Hard not to like that, right?

Don't know if she's just a studio creation, doesn't matter, cause the album produced for her delivers a solid dose of pop goodness. Not much else to say, if you are a parent forced to listen to this cause your kid is a huge fan of her, it won't drive you up the wall, if you aren't a kid, or parent of a kid, it may only be slightly embarrassing to listen to this, if anyone asks who that is, tell them you're not sure how it ended up in your collection and that you never even heard of the Disney Channel before, but that the whole album is a good listen, and that dammit, it takes someone who is really, really musically adventurous to seek out, and admit to enjoying a Selena Gomez album, and takes way more courage to let your Selena Gomez freak-flag fly than say claim that you really dig MGMT, Apples in Stereo, or Vampire Weekend.

No more reviews till Monday, but next week I should have something on La Roux's debut, Zero 7's latest, Paramore's latest, and haven't decided what other two recent or semi-recent albums to tackle, but I'll get to it.

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